How Are Functional Foods Good for You

Functional Foods


 – Medicines: treating yourself and feeding yourself at the same time

 – Industrial, medicinal products

 – Natural medicinal products

 Good physical health depends on a good food balance. Therefore, it is vital to know some dietary rules and learn to eat well. For this, specialists such as dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, naturopaths can help you understand the powers of a good diet.

In case of overwork, poor nutrition, or deficiencies in your lifestyle, you can add some aids to your essential diet. These are:

 – functional food;

 – food supplements;

 – plants: plant medicine and aromatherapy (for example, Hemp / Cannabis Essential Oil). No, this is not ganja, so you will not get high with it.

Functional food: treating and nourishing oneself at the same time

 Functional foods are more preventive than curative, as a particular disease requires specific treatment.

 They are easy to consume since they are part of your food products and can be found on the shelves of supermarkets.

 There are two groups of them:

 – industrial foodstuffs;

 – natural health foods.

 Industrial foodstuffs

 Industrial foodstuffs are compound products that have, in addition to the role of nutrition, that of preventing risks with specific disorders.

 Examples of industrial foodstuffs:

 – yogurts with active Bifidus: they are suitable for digestion and facilitate transit;

 – fruit or vegetable juices enriched with vitamins: they allow you to fill up with vitamins if you do not eat enough raw fruits and vegetables;

 – kinds of margarine enriched with Omega 3: they prevent cardiovascular risks and help fight against bad cholesterol. They are also less fatty than butter and are chosen during weight-loss diets;

 – Cereals rich in iron that facilitates the transit…

 Natural functional food

Functional Foods

 These functional food are called natural because they are finished products.

 Contrary to industrial food, which does not require any knowledge – the publicity and the labels informing the consumer – natural food requires some basic knowledge.

 Examples of natural health food:

 – garlic: in addition to its taste and flavor in our dishes, garlic has recognized medicinal virtues: it improves blood circulation and effectively fights against cardiovascular diseases;

 – Cabbage: it is the perfect cleanser of your digestive and intestinal system, so eating cabbage after parties and rich meals help to restore the general balance;

 – Green tea: excellent general antioxidant;

 – shiitake: it is an antioxidant, it prevents certain cancers (stomach and cervix in particular), it fights against obesity and high blood pressure, it is a cholesterol-lowering agent, a urinary tract regulator, an immunostimulant, a hepatoprotective agent, and a choleretic (it favors the excretion of bile by the gall bladder and prevents the formation of stones).

 If you don’t want to learn more or don’t have enough time, you can always consult a naturopath and ask her what foods should be consumed in a particular case.


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