10 Health Benefits of Rosemary


What is Rosemary?

Rosemary is a small shrub with leaves as narrow as needles. It is one of the most widely used spices in lamb and beef dishes. This herb takes the experience of flavor to a higher level with its delicious aroma and taste. For that reason alone, it should not be lacking in your kitchen!

Rosemary also stays green in winter. Hence, you can use the leaves all year round. With proper care, the plant can reach a height of 50 cm. The delicious aroma is released when the leaves are crushed.

Did you know that the famous culinary herb also has medicinal properties? Here’s why rosemary would make a valuable addition to your daily diet!

1) Improves Blood Circulation

Do you suffer from low blood pressure and the cold hands and feet that often accompany it? Rosemary can help to improve your blood circulation. You can even read more about this beneficial effect of rosemary in old herb books.

2) It Is Good for the Liver and Kidneys

Overloaded bile or liver can give you a headache. If you have headaches often, try rosemary to help eliminate the toxins that cause headaches. Research shows that rosemary use shows positive changes in liver and kidney tissue after one month only!

3) Improves Digestion

Rosemary was already known in the Middle Ages as the herb that aids digestion and was therefore often used to prepare dishes. The fat in the food is best digested when seasoned with rosemary.
Do you suffer from stomach or intestinal cramps or flatulence? Adding rosemary to your dishes will reduce or eliminate your complaints.

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4) Beneficial Effect on Metabolic Syndrome

We often eat very fast, very sweet or lots of fats. Moreover, we forget to get enough exercise every day. The result: obesity develops. This is often accompanied by high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels, and altered blood sugar. These phenomena together are called the metabolic syndrome. Rosemary is a rich source of substances that have a beneficial effect on the metabolic syndrome

5) Boosts Your Mood

It was once said that Rosemary is the herb that comforts and makes the heart happy. A cup of rosemary tea a day could affect your mood – and it happens to be true too! Researchers exposed it to several stressors. Under these stress conditions, they were given rosemary tea every day, which turned out to have a beneficial effect on their stress level.

6)Better Memory

Rosemary has a beneficial effect on long-term memory. Its compounds prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain cell chemical responsible for memory.

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7) Relieves Breathing Problems

Rosemary essential oils provide relief from respiratory problems and clogged mucus.

8) Rosemary Keeps Insects at Bay

Plant some rosemary around your garden or dining room and you will have fewer problems with insects while eating!

9) It Promotes Creativity

The scent of rosemary tea makes you happy and light. This encourages your creativity. A cup of rosemary tea is therefore worth a try when you lack inspiration.

10) Rosemary Protects the Skin

A study of 10 healthy subjects found that rosemary extracts could protect the skin from UV damage, increasing its effectiveness over time. In the volunteers, who received rosemary extracts, the cells were able to survive longer. This protection helps reduce aging, cancer, or damage from UV light.

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How to Use Rosemary?

You can buy fresh or dried rosemary at the supermarket or the health food store. Rosemary oil or lotion is suitable for use with a massage or bath.

What are your thoughts about this herb? Share it with us in the comments below!

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