10 Non-Medicated Remedies for Your Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a severe skin disease that is triggered because skin cells replace themselves more quickly than they should. It causes very itchy and red rashes that can affect many parts of the body. In some cases, it is seasonal, and the symptoms go away on their own without being treated. However, many persons fight this skin condition for many years, which has a significant impact on their lives. It is often a challenge to sleep well because you feel uncomfortable and are aware of its appearance.
On the bright side, there are successful treatments that can relieve the symptoms, even if you don’t want to use medicated creams. In this article, we list some non-chemical remedies to alleviate psoriasis.

1. Petroleum Jelly
If you are looking for a quick an effective remedy to psoriasis and ditch the itch, this thick cream is the solution. Petroleum jelly is a heavy moisturizer that will bind moisture into your skin and help it heal while reducing redness.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Yes, you’ve read that right! Apple cider vinegar can be much more than a simple salad dressing. If you put it several times per week on your head, it will effectively reduce the itchiness on your scalp. We recommend that you rinse it off after it dries to prevent irritation. However, make sure that you don’t apply the vinegar on a bleeding or cracked scalp as it might burn your skin.

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3. Outdoors Sun
Spending some time in the sun is great if you have psoriasis as the ultraviolet B rays will help fight the skin condition. Don’t go over 10 minutes a day as too much sunbathe can lead to skin cancer. Remember to apply sunscreen on the areas that are free from psoriasis.

4. Epsom Salt
Salt is an excellent exfoliant, and if you want your skin to be smoother, you can add Epsom salts in a bathtub filled with hot water. Soaking in this bath for about 15 minutes can do wonders for your skin. Be sure to use a moisturizer once you’re done to lock in the water.

5. Turmeric
You’ve probably heard of this famous Indian yellow spice that is added to curry sauces to add color and flavor. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies have proven that it can reduce your psoriasis outbreaks. You can add a little of this powder directly to your dishes or take it as a supplement.


6. Oats
Oat is naturally soothing to the skin for any mild skin irritation and rash, and psoriasis is no exception. You can add a few ground oats to your bath and soak in it for a few minutes. Remember that hot water will irritate itchy skin even more, so be sure to use warm water.

7. Tea Tree Oil
Although tea tree oil comes from Australia, it is a very common component. You can add a few drops to your beauty products. Or you can simply find a shower gel or body lotion with tea tree oil and use it as a remedy for your psoriasis.

8. Omega-3 Fats
These fats are mainly found in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial in fighting inflammation, and if you don’t want to eat fish, you can also buy fish oil supplements.

9. Aloe Vera
Initial research indicates that aloe vera may improve the symptoms of psoriasis. Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and reduces redness. Use an unscented lotion or gel containing at least 0.5% aloe vera.

10. Plastic Wrap
Alright, this is not a natural ingredient but it is really soothing. Apply a few drops of your natural lotion over your skin before bedtime and protect the affected area with plastic wrap. Afterward, attach a layer of tight-fitting clothing – such as gloves or socks. This will help your skin to absorb the moisturizer.

These natural treatments are definitely worth the try to relieve your psoriasis. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you know any other useful natural cure for this skin condition.

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