5 Essential Steps for Relieving Frostbite



    – Step 1: Preventing frostbite

    – Step 2: First steps to take in case of frostbite

    – Step 3: Treat frostbite with herbal medicine

    – Step 4: Use homeopathy

    – Step 5: Use essential oils

Frostbite is a painful redness caused by poor circulation. It is essentially located on the extremities (hands, feet, nose); it is essential to know how to relieve frostbite to limit the pain and itching they cause.

Warning: do not confuse frostbite with chilblain. They are both caused by cold, but chilblain is serious and can lead to amputation, unlike frostbite.

1. Prevent frostbite

Frostbite is caused by poor blood circulation, so it is essential to prevent it when the outside temperature drops.

At the level of the hands


To boost blood circulation, massage your hands energetically with a protective cream. Start with your wrists and work your way to your fingertips.

On the feet

Take foot baths to promote the elasticity of your venous system:

    – Prepare a basin of hot and cold water.

    – Soak your feet alternately for 3 minutes in one and then in the other.

    – Repeat the operation 3 or 4 times, preferably in the evening.

Before going out

Take precautions before going out in the cold:

    – Wear thick gloves or even two pairs of gloves. In this case, wear woolen gloves as a second layer.

    – Wear thick socks or two pairs of socks.

Caution: gloves and socks should not be too tight to avoid impeding blood circulation.

2. First steps to take in case of frostbite

In case of frostbite, your first reflex should be to warm up the affected parts of your body gradually:

    – Go into a heated area.

    – Massage the affected areas very gently with your fingertips using:

        ◦ vegetable oil, such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or olive oil if you have nothing else;

        ◦ a calendula cream.

    – Wrap the affected areas in a warm, moist towel.

    – Use a hot water bottle or heater.

Finally, to reduce the pain, you can take paracetamol.

3. Treat chilblains with phytotherapy

Some plants, sold in the form of capsules, promote blood circulation and help fight against frostbite. Make your choice on:

    – red vine (essentially for the lower limbs);

    – Horse chestnut;

    – sea buckthorn.

There are also capsules containing a complex of ginkgo Biloba and red vine, which have an extremely effective combined action on blood circulation.

4. Use homeopathy

    – Consider homeopathic remedies such as:

        ◦ Petroleum 7 CH;

        ◦ Agaricus muscarius 5 CH.

    – Take 1 granule of each remedy in the morning and evening for 1 to 2 months.

    – If bleeding is associated with your chilblain, add to the previous two remedies 1 granule twice a day (morning and evening) of Nitricum Acidum 7 CH.

    – If the pain is aggravated by cold and humidity, take 3 granules 3 times a day of Ranunculus bulbosus 5 CH.

    – For basic treatment, take 5 granules of Agaricus muscarius 9 CH and Secale cornutum 9 CH once a day.

    – You can also order a homeopathic product, Poconéol, from a pharmacy:

        ◦ Ask for preparation 1.

        ◦ Put 15 drops of the product in half a glass of water.

        ◦ Drink the half glass preferably outside of meals, spreading the intake throughout the day.

5. Use essential oils

You can also treat your frostbite with essential oils. Prepare a mixture of:

    – 10 ml of essential oil of helichrysum;

    – 2 ml of lavender essential oil;

    – 15 ml of vegetable oil of musk rose.

Apply a few drops of this preparation on the affected areas in the morning and evening by lightly massaging them.

You can also apply a few drops of benzoin absolute essential oil diluted in rosehip vegetable oil.

Equipment to relieve frostbite

Basin $1
Hot water bottle Starting at $5
Socks Starting at $5
Homeopathic tablets About $2 per tube
Calendula cream $9
Moisturizing cream $10 approx.
Woolen gloves Starting at $10
Phytotherapy capsules According to plants
Jojoba oil $11
Essential oils Starting at $3 per 10 ml

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