6 Acidic Foods to Eat Better

Acidic Foods


Some foods have an acidic pH and taste. But, contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily acidifying for the body. 

Some people suffer from a “metabolic weakness to acids” (tired, sick, elderly…). These acidic foods help alkalize the body thanks to their high mineral content for people with an efficient metabolism. This post focuses on these acidic foods and tells you how to consume them well.

The lemon

Acidic Foods

Even if its taste is acidic in the mouth, the lemon does not release any acidity in people with an efficient metabolism. On the contrary: its assimilation leaves alkaline residues in the body, such as carbonates and bicarbonates.

There’s nothing like lemon juice to start the day off right! Also, remember to add it to all your dishes: on a fish fillet, in marinades and dressings…

The lemon juice cure is often recommended to treat acidosis problems, i.e., excess acid in the body. Lemon can indeed be acidifying for some people. If this is your case, do not hesitate to ask a doctor for advice before undertaking such a cure.


Acidic Foods

Generally speaking, most red fruits such as blackcurrants, raspberries, and strawberries are acidic. However, they have an alkalizing effect, provided that the metabolic system is efficient. 

In this respect, blackcurrant is the best of all fresh fruits. It has a PRAL index of – 6.5.

The PRAL (potential renal acid load) index measures food’s acid or primary effect on the body. A positive index indicates that the food is acidifying, and a negative index indicates alkalizing.

Here are the PRAL indices of some fruits, classified from the most alkalizing to the least alkalizing:

   – blackcurrant: – 6.5 ;

   – banana: – 5.5 ;

   – apricot: – 4,8 ;

   – fresh white grapes: – 4.5 ; 

   – kiwi: – 4.1 ;

   – fresh red grapes: – 3.8 ;

   – cherries: – 3.6 ;

   – pear: – 2.9 ;

   – pineapple: -2.7 ;

   – orange: -2.7…

The tomato

Acidic Foods

The tomato is, by nature, an acidic food. But its alkalizing or acidifying effect depends on your metabolism and how you consume it! Here are a few tips to prevent tomatoes from having an acidifying effect.

   – Choose ripe tomatoes (generally speaking, the less mature the fruit, the more acidic it is).

   – Choose fresh tomatoes over-processed tomatoes (in sauce, canned…). Also, avoid tomatoes preserved in oil, which are particularly acidic.

   – Eat them preferably raw.

   – Combine with alkalizing foods, such as salad or green vegetables.


Acidic Foods

Like lemon, yogurt, which has a naturally acidic taste, can have an alkalizing or acidifying effect, depending on the person. 

There are a few tips to avoid the acidifying impact:

   – Prefer sugar-free or low-sugar yogurts to very sweet, particularly acidic yogurts.

   – Consume them after a meal rich in alkaline products, such as green vegetables, and not after a plate of meat and pasta.

   – Soy yogurt is an excellent alternative to cow’s milk products because it is alkalizing.


Acidic Foods

Honey is a particularly acidic food (pH 4). But this acidity is masked by its high sugar content.

Thanks to its high mineral content, it has an alkalizing effect on healthy people. But, in sick or tired people, it can have an acidifying effect if consumed in excess and combined with other acidic foods. 

To avoid the acidifying effect of honey, avoid eating it with dairy products or bread. Instead, combine it with alkalizing foods, such as bananas, sweet apples… Or, why not use it as a dressing in a green salad.


Acidic Foods

Although vinegar is acidic by nature (pH between 2 and 3), it has an alkalizing effect on people in good health. Cider vinegar is particularly interesting because of its high acetic acid content (between 5 and 8%), which gives it many health properties. 

It is also rich in various minerals: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, fluorine… but especially potassium (up to 1 g / L). This potassium plays a crucial role in restoring the body’s acid-base balance. So don’t hesitate to consume it every day, for example, in your salads and raw vegetables.

Good to know: cider vinegar can also be taken as a cure, pure or diluted in a bit of water. It is an excellent natural remedy to fight against fatigue, help digest better, and improve blood circulation…

Our modern diet is often too rich in acidifying foods (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cereals…) and not enough in alkalizing foods (green or colored vegetables, potatoes…). This is the source of many disorders, such as fatigue, muscle pain, hypertension, or osteoporosis. 

Fortunately, there are tricks to alkalize your body and prevent these problems. Take certain food supplements such as brewer’s yeast or algae – we will come back to this in our subsequent publication on alkaline foods


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