6 Super Powers of Seeds

6 Super Powers of Seeds

For an appetizer with friends or as a side dish for a salad, they are rarely used. However, seeds are underestimated! They have amazing superpowers: small preventive treatments for certain diseases, and they fight effectively against digestive problems and stress.

Seed: pumpkin. Superpower: helps digestion.

Squash seeds make delicious appetizer treats with their pretty oval shape and green color. You can also add them to your salad to enjoy their nutty taste. It also contains vegetable proteins and trace elements.

With a daily intake of 10 g on average, squash seeds allow:

– to reduce urinary problems;

– to fight against constipation;

– to support the rise of milk in pregnant women.

Seed: sunflower. Superpower: strengthens the bones.

6 Super Powers of Seeds


Sunflower seeds are among the most consumed by Americans. They are best eaten without additives or salt to get the most out of their many benefits.

You can choose them whole or shelled, according to your preference. They contain a winning cocktail of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, as well as iron, copper, and fiber.

Regular consumption of sunflower seeds allows you to

– take advantage of the antioxidant virtues contained in vitamin E;

– to keep bones, tissues, and teeth strong thanks to phosphorus;

– lower cholesterol levels with phytosterol;

– to fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Seed: chia. Superpower: reduces cholesterol.

The chia seeds, small sweetnesses adored by the Aztecs, allow, among other things, to thicken the bread. The seeds of chia bring:

– proteins;

– soluble fibers to eliminate toxins;

– 20% omega-3 to reduce cholesterol;

– antioxidants.

Seed: flax. Superpower: anti-menopausal.

If you like homemade yogurt, flaxseed is excellent with dairy.

Flaxseed also contains antioxidants that reduce the effects of aging and ward off the risk of cancer.

Seed: sesame. Superpower: anti-stress.

White or black sesame seeds are precious aids to protect the nervous system. Rich in vitamin E, they help defeat free radicals and regulate blood pressure.

Consumed preferably crushed and natural, sesame seeds allow to:

– limit the risks of heart disease;

– fight against constipation;

– fight against premature aging of cells.

Good to know: they are also used in the composition of hummus, an oriental chickpea puree.

Seed: poppy. Superpower: painkiller.

Sometimes compared to hard drugs and painkillers, poppy seeds get bad press: in fact, only one variety of poppy, the sleeping poppy, can make opium. The seeds have amazing calming properties and work wonders in cooking: on pasta or vegetables, they deliver an amazing taste of roasted nuts.

Good to know: Seeds have a variable shelf life. Be sure to check the best-before date on the packet. In addition, crushed seeds lose their nutritional value more quickly.

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