6 Warning Signs Screaming for a Dental Check-up

6 Warning Signs Screaming for a Dental Check-up

For many, a visit to the dentist represents a dreadful experience because you have no idea what is actually happening in your mouth while you are in that dental chair.

But no matter how scary you assume your dentist might be, a regular dental check-up is extremely important.

#1. You Always Wake Up With Headaches

You Always Wake Up With Headaches

A heartburn? Just an indication that you rang the Taco Bell too many times.

But, when you wake up with that early morning headache – I’m talking about the mother of all headaches – without the other migraine symptoms, you know it’s not just last night’s party hangover.

Time for some reality check: Whether your tooth hit anything frosty, you have a bad tooth or you’ve been clenching it all night, the tooth’s nerve will be damaged, causing that jackhammering in your brain.

Unless you go for a dental check-up at ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC and get it patched up quickly, you won’t be able to spoon your way through Chubby Hubby.

#2. You Have a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

You Have a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Was there a day recently when you thought that: “I just brushed my teeth thoroughly, so where is this horrible taste in my mouth coming from?”

Even chewing gum won’t make it go away.

We have all experienced that lingering taste in the mouth, which sometimes feel sour, bitter, metallic or just downright funky. And, often, the reason behind it is not about what you eat.

If you’ve got an infection in the tooth, you would most probably get that bad taste in the mouth. And, please don’t just blow it off and wait for it to go away after a few hours – it could transform into the worst nightmare.

#3. Ongoing Bleeding Gums

Ongoing Bleeding Gums

When faced with bleeding gums, most people tend to assume that maybe they were just brushing or flossing too aggressively. While it’s common and completely normal to get bleeding gums at least once or twice, you should never ignore this one sign that your mouth might be plagued by periodontal disease.

Also known as gum disease, periodontitis is an infection of the gums that can eventually lead to a tooth-destroying process. The only way to get rid of an abundance of tartar on your teeth and gums is to meet a reputable dentist for a comprehensive dental check-up that includes a thorough cleaning process.

#4. You Have a Missing Tooth

You Have a Missing Tooth

Imagine this: Finally, it’s the weekend and you decided to go out with some pals and have a couple of drinks. Of course, you’ll never realize when a couple of drinks turned into a couple more. And, then next morning, when you wake up, you feel it – a weird gap in your mouth. A gap where your tooth was supposed to be.

First, don’t panic. It’s not such a big deal. Ok, I know it’s not fun at all – it’s very embarrassing and frustrating, especially when you’ll have to smile big with a missing tooth being a such a drag in your mouth.

But, a missing tooth will not affect your smile only – from your teeth alignment to the shape of your face, that missing tooth is going to be very unpleasant.

Solution: Rush to a dental clinic and see what the dentist and his team recommend you.

#5. Bad Breath

Bad Breath

There’s nothing like you turning to your boyfriend/girlfriend and breathing a smelly “I love you” into his face.

Bad breath is a common and persistent problem that all of us want to get rid of. But, if your cavities are causing you that bad breath, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

#6. You Are Pregnant

You Are Pregnant

Expecting a baby?

Well, personally, I’d say when you are pregnant, you should never underestimate your own body. And, I’m not talking about the fist-clenching pregnancy rage or the weird food cravings.

During this stage, changes in your hormones can actually affect your oral health and this is why you might start noticing swollen, red or even bleeding gums.

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