7 Steps to Fight Foot Sweat

Foot sweat is one of the most embarrassing types of perspiration, not only for the person who suffers from it but also for those around him or her because of the unpleasant odor it causes. Here are some solutions to combat foot perspiration.

1. Limit foot perspiration

It is not always possible to prevent foot perspiration. However, it is possible to limit the factors that contribute to it.

To do this, you should avoid the following:

wearing poorly ventilated and synthetic shoes, especially in hot weather;

socks made of synthetic materials;

being overweight;



Note: to fight odor, wear anti-odor insoles in your shoes and, ideally, change your shoes once a day (i.e., two pairs a day).

Instead, choose :

canvas or leather shoes;

open shoes;

cotton socks.

Note: socks are also specially designed to combat odor caused by sweat.

2. Use the iontophoresis technique

As with excessive hand perspiration, iontophoresis is an excellent solution for foot perspiration. You can expect good results in 85% of cases.

Sessions can be prescribed by a physiotherapist equipped with the necessary equipment. If you want to be more organized and have the means, you can also buy your own device (between $200 and $1,000).

3. Clean your shoes

Before implementing solutions to limit sweating and the resulting foot odor, you must properly clean the shoes that trap this odor.

To do this:

Clean the inside of your shoes with soapy water and a sponge. If your shoes are made of leather, use a spray.

Dry them thoroughly. Place newspaper in your shoes.

Once dry, remove the newspaper.

Sprinkle your shoes with baking soda and leave it to work overnight.

The next day, discard the baking soda before putting on your shoes.

Also, eliminate foot odor by washing your feet in the morning and evening with Marseille soap.

4. Sprinkle preparations into your shoes

For an effective action on the perspiration of the feet, you can make a preparation that you will put directly into the shoe in contact with them (in this case, you will not have to put socks).


20 g of talcum powder ;

20 g of boric acid in flakes;

3 drops of mint essential oil.

You can also sprinkle your shoes with a mixture containing:

50 g talcum powder;

40 drops of Cypress essential oil;

20 drops of Clary Sage essential oil.

5. Take foot baths

Footbaths can also be very beneficial against perspiration.

For example, you can make foot baths for a quarter of an hour containing :

an infusion of dried sage (five teaspoons in a liter of water brought to a boil, then let the dried sage leaves infuse for fifteen minutes) ;

a decoction of 20 g of birch and oak leaves infused for 10 minutes in a liter of boiling water;

a decoction (5 minutes of infusion in 4 liters of water) of a handful of a mixture in equal parts :

pine needles ;

oak needles

cypress ;

horsetail ;


Finish your foot bath by drying them carefully and then apply the following preparation: 100 g of horsetail macerated for three weeks in 200 ml of alcohol at 90°.

6. Think about aromatherapy

Use a mixture containing :

3 drops of essential oil of Palmarosa or Laurel ;

2 drops of essential oil of Clary Sage;

100 ml of alcohol at 60°.

Put the preparation in a spray bottle and apply it to your clean and dry feet for a few minutes before putting on your socks.

Cypress essential oil can also be used with 10 drops mixed with vegetable oil. This formula is particularly interesting because it is quite simple to use.

Note: ready-to-use essential oil formulas are available in pharmacies.

7. Use color therapy

Color therapy can be used to alleviate hyper-sweaty feet.

To combat excess moisture energy, expose the feet to green light for four minutes, then red light for 50 seconds.

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