Can A Massage Chair Improve My Health?

New life habits, work overload, and stress often prevents us from enjoying the good moments in life. Massage chairs give you the possibility to balance your body and mind through the pleasure of a good massage. The massage chairs or relax chairs serve to recover the vitality of the body, help regulate the hormonal system, blood circulation and lymphatic fluid, and eliminate toxins and reduce muscle tension. They reduce stress, insomnia and a large number of what are currently called “modern ills.” Daily use of a massage chair delays fatigue symptoms in the user’s muscles and reduces stress. Therefore, it facilitates relaxation and muscle recovery and can help improve insomnia caused by stress.

Based on a thousand-year-old massage technique, shiatsu (pressure practiced by the fingers), these chairs provide us with massages throughout our body with innumerable benefits: they improve our blood flow, tone, work and relax our muscles, help us fall asleep, prevent, relieve and relax all kinds of muscular ailments etc… This type of massage chair today has evolved to such an extent that they are capable of working with different programs from the soles of our feet, calves, buttocks, arms and all the back, from the lumbar area to the cervical region. They are also currently able, through arms with jade balls, to insert pain relieving heat in any point of our body,

Without being a substitute for the masseur or physiotherapist, who we should go to both for particular problems and periodic reviews, this type of armchair increases our quality of life. Let’s check out some interesting facts and benefits of massage chairs!

Relax the Cervical Muscles

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The gentle kneading massage. These circular movements simulate a professional masseuse’s thumbs, warm the muscles, and help the person generate the heat necessary to alleviate this discomfort, relaxing all the muscles loaded in that area. Also, in no case do they touch the cervical vertebrae so as not to produce contraindications.

Help the Lymphatic System and Improves the Circulatory System

The Lymphatic System is considered an integral part of the Circulatory System, the fluids from the blood return to it through the lymphatic vessels. Poor lymphatic drainage can cause swelling or lymphoedema. The massage provided by the chairs stimulates inactive and weak muscles by pumping the circulatory system by compressing and relaxing the muscles, blood vessels, thus facilitating the transport of nutrients throughout the body and favouring the exchange of blood that carries toxins through blood full of nutrients. With the vibration massage that works the legs, the return circulation is reactivated, thus avoiding these problems.

Soothe Muscle Aches

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When muscles are tense or overstressed, they accumulate waste substances that cause pain, stiffness, and even muscle spasms. With this, the massage increases circulation to and from the muscles and accelerates these toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, the massage brings fresh blood and oxygen to the tissues, thus speeding up the injury recovery process. It also helps muscles maintain flexibility, reduces stress and depression, and releases endorphins, which provide a feeling of well-being and help fight pain. Massaging the muscles makes them develop their strength and movement, relieving pain and softening muscle stiffness.

Helps Relieve Back and Neck Pressure Caused by Poor Posture

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The bad postures are adopted when sitting, bending, standing, walking, etc. They cause back and neck pain that little by little lead to more and more severe problems. This pressure felt on the back and neck is relieved with a daily massage session covering the lower back to the neck. With a stretching massage, you will stretch and correctly position your back until you eliminate those discomforts caused by contractures, pinching or mounted muscles.

Helps to Fall Asleep Naturally

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Currently, insomnia is a widespread problem in many people due to the stress of daily life. A daily massage before bedtime can help you fall asleep. These gentle movements knead, stretch and pat the skin release the muscles of the tension accumulated throughout the day, producing a balance between mind and body that relaxes and induces sleep placidly.

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