Comparative Table of Anti-Cellulite Solutions

Comparative Table of Anti-Cellulite Solutions


 – Anti-cellulite comparison: which solution to choose?

 – Anti-cellulite comparison chart

 This post presents to you an anti-cellulite comparison table that summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each anti-cellulite solution to help you make your choice.

 Anti-cellulite comparison: which solution to choose?

Each type of cellulite has its own solution, so it is important to identify whether you suffer from adipose (greasy), watery, fibrous, or mixed cellulite before choosing your treatment.

 Here are some questions to ask yourself to choose the best treatment:

 – How old are you?

 – Do you have hormonal problems, or do you suspect existing problems that would require the advice of a gynecologist?

 – How long have you had cellulite?

 – What is your history: did your mother or grandmother have cellulite?

 – Do you have significant circulatory problems? If so, are you followed by an angiologist?

 – Do you have water retention?

 – Do you have a balanced and varied diet?

 – Are you overweight?

 – Are you often on a diet?

 – Do you practice daily physical activity?

 – Do you tend to gain weight when you are stressed?

These criteria are essential, and your doctor will undoubtedly ask you similar questions to target your profile. He or she will also observe your cellulite: the areas concerned, the type of cellulite – aqueous, adipose, mixed, fibrous – and its overall appearance.

Remember that choosing a solution often requires medical advice, as many devices and treatments have numerous contraindications. Even the use of anti-cellulite cream or anti-cellulite patches may be contraindicated.

Comparative table of anti-cellulite solutions

The different solutions

For which type of cellulite?




Balanced diet

All cellulite.


Changing your eating habits can take time.


All cellulites, especially adipose.

A weight loss is beneficial for the joints, the cardiovascular system …


– It is better to be followed by a nutritionist or a dietician.


– Beware: yo-yo diets tend to aggravate cellulite phenomena!


Anti-cellulite creams

Adipose and water retention cellulite.

Easy to apply.


– Only effective on the surface: does not work on fibrous cellulite.


– There are contraindications (pregnant women, etc.).


– You must be assiduous if you want to obtain results.

Anti-cellulite patch

Adipose cellulite and/or with water retention.


– Discreet under clothing.


– Continuous diffusion for 24 hours.


– Less effective.


– Beware of possible contraindications.

Organic products

All cellulites.

The most natural products.


– Expensive products.


– Beware of contraindications.


– The wrong dosage of plants or the use of pure essential oils can be dangerous for your health, even if we believe wrongly that natural products are without danger.


Mesotherapy cellulite

Adipose and fibrous cellulite.


– Local action.


– Cellulite is destroyed.


– Bruises.


– Important contraindications.

Liposuction cellulite

Adipose cellulite.

Radical and long-lasting method: cellulite is removed from the body.


– General anesthesia.


– Wearing a panty after the procedure.

Anti-cellulite laser

Fibrous and adipose cellulite.


– Local anesthesia only


– Non-invasive method.


– Superficial treatment.


– Technique to be reserved for a laser physician.


– Not on dark or tanned skin (risk of depigmentation).


– Possible contraindications.


All cellulites.

Uses several complementary methods, so results are guaranteed.

Appearance of small bruises.

Ultrasound cellulite

All cellulites.

Non-invasive method.


– Fairly recent method.


– Risk of small burns.


All cellulites.

An invasive method with known cases of complications.


– Still very controversial.

Anti-cellulite devices

All cellulite.


– Treatment at home.


– Allows you to build muscle (electrostimulation and vibrating plates).


– Are still relatively expensive. You have to use them regularly to get a result.

Sport/Physical exercises

All cellulites.

Excellent for maintaining the cardiovascular system, relaxing, and destocking fat.

Requires time and motivation.


All cellulites.


– Relaxing effect.


– Effective even on old cellulite

Must be done regularly to be effective.

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