Dangers of Being Underweight

In a world where excess weight is highly criticized and being beautiful revolves around being slim, the dangers of underweight emerge to the surface, tricking many people, especially young women, to starve themselves in order to look good. The terrible consequences that follow are bluntly real: malnutrition, physical defects, weak immune system, mental diseases and even death. Being underweight really poses a threat, leading to health complications which are more difficult to treat. Therefore, any person in this situation should make all the necessary efforts in order to bring the body back into shape.


Besides all the health complications imposed by being underweight, there are also further issues that accompany this condition. The attempt of making physical activities, especially exercising to tone the muscles, will quickly fail as the body lacks the nutrients and the energy in order to perform such activities.


Not all people who are underweight are in the danger of suffering the effects of that. There are skinny people for which their genes are the only responsible for their slender figure. So, if this case does not apply to you, you must check with your physician to prescribe you a treatment and a program specially designed for gaining weight.


Another problem that is associated with people who are underweight is the malfunctioning of the digestion organs. Here is what you can do about it:


Eat fruits and vegetables: these can aid the digestion process and the absorption of nutrients with the help of the digestive enzymes contained by them. This food group also contains lots of fibers who promote the cleaning of the digestive tract down to the colon. If the digestive system functions properly, many health problems are thus prevented. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers. If you lack such sources, you have other options like drinks and concoctions to add up to the fiber content that you should ingest daily. Vegetable juices or the juice produced by freshly squeezed fruits are also a great source of fibers.


Yogurt. It contains good bacteria which also helps digestion. This is a way to fight harmful bacteria from the digestive tract, and pretty much from all your body to resolve some of your health issues.


Aloe Vera – Eating foods made out of Aloe are very helpful to clean your system out of any junk and toxins that threat your body’s well-being.


Water – Everyone knows this part: drink lots of water!


Anorexia Nervosa – This is one of the most common eating disorders and mental illnesses. It is basically a voluntary starvation caused by the person’s obsession of staying fit. It requires immediate attention and has extremely damaging effects which, in some cases, are permanent.


Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome – This gastro-intestinal disorder poses an immense threat to the life of the person suffering from it. It is a rare syndrome characterized by compression of the duodenum in the digestive tract.


Depressive disorders and anxiety – Left untreated, these psychological disorders can lead to more problems aggravated by negative thoughts that influence one’s mood and behavior.


Another cause of being underweight is strongly associated with lack of appetite. This may occur due to type 1 diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer treatment, inflammatory bowel diseases, drug use and the use of stimulants etc. Whatever the affliction, it highlights another reason why the individual must gain weight through adequate dieting. A weak body needs plenty of nutrients in order to lift up its immune system to fight the imbalance and regain its health.


If the reason for being underweight is associated with poverty, then the body’s condition is not self-induced. But causing an extreme loss of weight voluntarily is very serious and requires immediate attention. Being fit must not equal being ill or unhealthy.



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