Diabetes: what diet to adopt?


Having diabetes is not a fatality. Indeed, if this disease is well treated and you follow doctors’ recommendations, you do not risk any complications. Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin in the body. This hormone is usually produced by the pancreas, and its function is to absorb glucose (sugar from the meal) from the blood. Without it, the glucose level will not be regulated, and the sugar will accumulate in the blood.

This is why people with diabetes must inject insulin every day. It is also recommended to follow a balanced and adapted diet to avoid variations in blood sugar intake. So what are the best and worst foods to eat when you have diabetes? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about your diet when you have diabetes.

What is a balanced diet for a person with diabetes?


There are generally two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes affects only a small percentage of diabetics and is more common in adolescents. Type 1 diabetes means that there is a complete absence of insulin in the body, and it is treated only by injection of this hormone. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, accounts for 90% of cases and generally affects adults over the age of 40.

It can be treated by medication, by insulin, but also by following a varied and balanced diet. In fact, just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of everything. You can eat three times a day like everyone else, but make sure that your glucose intake is well distributed throughout the day. For a person with diabetes, it is recommended that you focus on the following:

    • Vegetables and fruits
    • Meat and fish
    • As well as dairy products that are not too sweet.

On the other hand, one should avoid foods rich in fat and alcohol and limit those considered to be less nutritious and too sweet. This includes pastries, jams, sweets, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, etc.

What to have for breakfast?

For a person with diabetes, it is strongly forbidden to skip meals, especially breakfast. However, respecting the recommended and controlled quantities of calories is necessary. Therefore, as much as possible, it is best to avoid industrial products with too much sugar, such as spreads, jams, and cereals. If you eat them occasionally (once a week, etc.), this is not a problem.

However, if you can’t live without it, you can make it yourself and use less sugar. To replace cereal for breakfast, you can use oatmeal instead or other oil products. Use green tea, coffee, or milk without sugar for a hot drink. Add two slices of rusk or bread and a pot of yogurt or fruit.

What kind of bread for a person with diabetes?


When it comes to diet or balanced meals, the question often comes up: can I eat bread? This food is part of the daily meals. It is inconceivable to eat a meal without the famous pita bread in the Middle East and Southern Europe. Just like in Mexico, where all meals are accompanied by tortillas.

It is also a tradition in France to have lunch, breakfast, and dinner with slices of bread. There are different kinds of bread: sourdough, baguette, cereal, rye, etc. For a person with diabetes, it is not forbidden to eat bread. However, eat only those that contain less sugar and added sugar.

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