Face Yoga – the Newest Trend

Ever since I saw my little sister doing it, I started with this yoga thing where I don’t have to get on all fours and do some acrobatic scenes, I would just lift up my face and start exercising. It is called Face Yoga and it is gaining new terrains in terms of people doing it. Everyone has a perfect face, but still there are people who find tiny faults in it. Some might think they have weirdly shaped nose or lips that are too thin or the double chin that is too obvious to hide. People try the face yoga to make your features plumper and youthful when looking at it.

Face yoga is a facial exercise that is performed to improve elasticity and blood circulation in your face and neck. It helps to tighten the facial muscles through short facial expression exercises that will leave your skin toned and looking plump and well-contoured. The exercises increase the blood flow that helps in bringing the fresh blood to the face as it brings out a natural color all while dealing skin issues like acne.

How Much Time Does It Take?

The time needed to do a face yoga is of only 30 minutes everyday for eight to 12 weeks. There are studies that related that women should spend an additional 90 minutes on face yoga in the first two days that they began a face yoga regimen or when they continue their regimen for the entire 20 weeks and the results are noticeable after five months.

Can Everyone Do Face Yoga?

Anyone can start doing face yoga even if the practice is mostly suitable for individuals who are starting to have slight fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin that they don’t particularly want and who won’t go for dramatic measures such as injections, Botox or any chemical laden skincare solutions. According to certain studies, there has been a proven face yoga effectiveness that were conducted on women around the age of 40 to 65. The best thing about Face yoga is that you can do it while working in front of your computer or while driving. It is good to know that face yoga has no negative side effects and it is easy to enjoy on your own, even if there are paid face yoga courses available.

What Are The Benefits?

Face yoga gained some praise well after it started having positive effects on the skin’s appearance, that is tightening the skin and being plump. The stimulation of the blood flow and the circular motion helps in the production of collagen which make your skin look firm and taut, thus delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In 2018, according to a study, the daily exercise can reduce the signs of facial aging by improving the upper and lower cheek fullness. Doesn’t constantly moving your face is the cause of wrinkles? Well, it is right, but with intentionally toning the facial muscles, the blood circulation in the skin is moved and it helps in tightening the area. The practice help in becoming more aware to those unconscious expressions that you might not have been aware before.

How To Do This Face Yoga?

There are a lot of poses that exist in the face yoga process and for beginners it is not necessary that you learn all of them in one go. Ideally to practice face yoga is twice a day, wake up and again before bed to release all the tension that you have accumulated during the day and it can be as little as five minutes. Note that four to five sessions will do the job just fine. All you need is a quick warm up that you are able to focus on the specific muscles you want to target. Face yoga is hard as you will be unintentionally holding your breath or tensing up as you hold a pose. Those facial muscles are small and delicate and it is difficult to isolate and activate the muscle you are trying to target.

Face yoga might be difficult at first, but once you get used to the movement, it may feel natural.

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