First Aid Procedures: How To Proceed?

There are situations in which it is preferable to know the basic gestures to be able to assist another person. Indeed, these gestures can save other lives, but yours in some cases. There are several situations that arise and the actions to be taken differ according to these situations. Here is an overview of what to do in an emergency!

First Aid in Case of Choking

Choking usually occurs while eating. If you find yourself in a place where a person is choking, then you should act immediately, as this can lead to unconsciousness and even death. How to proceed? The simplest method is to slap the person. At least 5 slaps on the back should be administered. Whether it’s an adult or a child over one-year-old, you must administer the slaps in such a way as to provoke a cough. The slap should be given between the shoulder blades to dislodge or allow the object preventing breathing to come up. To do this, first, ensure the person choking is leaning forward slightly. If this method does not work after 5 back slaps, then it is best to use abdominal compressions.

To do this, you should stand behind the subject and place both arms around his or her abdomen. Specifically, your arms should be between the subject’s navel and the top of the breastbone. Form fists and press them upward into the belly to release it. Do this abdominal pressure 5 times in a row. When done correctly, the victim will gradually come to his senses.

First-aid Measures in Case of Bleeding

If you find yourself in front of a person who has been cut and is bleeding, you must have the right reflexes to secure the wound without exposing yourself. You must protect your hands before attempting anything. Indeed, this is essential when you do not know the victim. If your hands are protected, use a cloth or a clean cloth to compress the wound directly. This will slow down the bleeding. It is imperative to lay the victim horizontally in cases with a lot of bleeding. Call for help while maintaining compression on the bloody area. If you can’t do both, ask for help from others.

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First Aid for Unconsciousness

Following a fainting spell, a person may lose consciousness. In these cases, you must check that the person is not reacting. Then, you must ensure that the person is still breathing before starting the resuscitation procedure. If the victim is breathing, you must open the airway. If the victim wears a tie or any other accessory that could prevent breathing, you must remove it. Tilt the victim’s head back and then move him or her to the side position. Then call for help, making sure the person is breathing until they arrive.

First Aid in Cardiac Arrest

Before performing any resuscitation here, you should first call for help once you are sure the victim is unresponsive and not breathing regularly. Immediately kneel next to the victim and unbutton their shirt if possible. Place your hands against the victim’s chest and give strong chest compressions.

Afterward, it is advisable to give breaths only when you have mastered this technique. Continue with chest compressions until help arrives.

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