Had Too Much Sugar? 9 Tips For a Sugar Detox

You start the day with a croissant and a soda, end the day with a cookie and white bread, and at night you slurp down a hot chocolate. Oh, and in between, you snack on and enjoy something sweet while you work. Sugar, sugar, sugar! What do you do when you’ve had too much sugar?

Suddenly, you find yourself lying on the couch in the afternoon, reacting with irritation, craving something sweet, and noticing that your previously smooth skin is gone. These are all warning signs that you may be consuming too much sugar. So what can you do about it?

Tip 1: Realize That Your Body Wants More Sugar

Eating sugar releases the feel-good hormone dopamine. Blood sugar levels rise, and the hormone leptin is activated. The latter signals the brain to consume more sweet foods. The key is to resist temptation. From cookies to soft drinks, keep sweet foods out of sight and tackle the biggest sources of sugar.

Tip 2: Get Your Fiber and Protein

Carbohydrates temporarily raise blood glucose levels and then drop just as quickly. Eating foods containing slow carbohydrates, fiber, and protein slows digestion and the absorption of sugar and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. This will also keep you from yawning at lunch in the office. Add yogurt, make an omelet, or eat homemade oatmeal.

Tip 3: Plan Your Breakfast

A must after a day of carbohydrate restriction: a low-carbohydrate, high-fat breakfast. The ideal breakfast consists primarily of protein and lesser amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Protein makes you feel full, and carbohydrates promote the burning of sugar stored from the previous day. How about a tofu breakfast?

Tip 4: Drink Water

Water helps flush out toxins, promotes digestion, and relieves bloating. So keep yourself hydrated! Don’t like drinking water? Try adding lemon, orange, or cucumber slices to your water or fresh herbs like mint.

Tip 5: Get Moving

Even if you are in the middle of a sugar rush, get up off the couch and move around. By using your muscles, you are using the sugar, not storing it. You don’t need to sweat or exercise for hours. A short walk is enough. Sweating ensures that toxins are released. That is an added bonus!

Tip 6: Do Yoga

Yoga? Yes, yoga! Many of us are aware that stress makes us want to snack. So: tame your stress. You can do it by reading a book or watching a movie, but yoga is a great way to relax fully, release those nagging thoughts, clear your head, and get your body moving simultaneously. This will prevent you from consuming even more sugar. Find a yoga practice that works for you and get started.

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Tip 7: Prepare a Meal For Later

Put on your chef’s hat and prepare a meal during the day for the evening. Try a simple, high-protein, healthy meal such as a salad or quiche. That way, you can avoid going to a restaurant and having your food delivered at the push of a button.

Tip 8: Consume Probiotics

Sugar feeds the harmful bacteria in the gut, which in turn affects the brain. This makes it challenging to make healthy food choices. Eating or drinking something after sugar that contains good gut bacteria restores balance and makes it easier to make healthier food choices. Think of fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir.

Tip 9: Relaxation

More than 80% of people say they eat more sweets when stressed. Relaxation breaks this vicious cycle. Examples include relaxation exercises and meditation. Doing so will reduce stress and the desire to eat sweets. Especially in December, it is a good idea to find time to do this.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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