Home Accidents: What To Do In Case Of Electrocution?


Domestic accidents are a major source of death in France. According to official figures, an average of two hundred people die each year after an electrocution. Due to a lack of knowledge of what to do in the event of an electrocution, many lives have been lost. What should you do in case of electrocution? This is what we will discover together.

What are the risks of electrocution?


Before addressing the question of preventive measures and others, it is essential to first inform about the risks and the manifestation of electrocution. Not to be confused with electrification, electrocution is indeed a serious form of electrification.

As a general rule, we only talk about electrocution following a death in connection with an electrical accident, which can occur, for example, during uncontrolled electrical maintenance.

Very often, electrocutions are due to professional failures. In many cases, they can also be caused by lightning. Ignorance of the domestic requirements related to the installation of electrical and sanitary equipment in the home can also be the cause.

Do not hesitate to call on them for all questions related to electricity in your home or business. If you handle electrical equipment without prior arrangement, you run the risk of being electrocuted.

What are the immediate warnings and behaviors?

If you witness an electrification scene, be sure to follow the following guidelines to limit the risks.

Actions related to the immediate environment of the accident


Are you in front of an electrocuted person? Well, be careful never, ever to touch them if they are still in contact with the electric current. You risk electrocuting yourself in turn.

Call for help as soon as possible. While waiting for them to arrive, be careful not to touch any electrical appliance, let alone an electrical cable. If sparks or wires are jumping, make sure you stay as far away as possible.

Do not start any cleaning work until the medical team arrives. Also, do not attempt to move the victim. This could be fatal.

Immediate measures before the arrival of the rescue team

In this type of situation, the first step is to cut off the electrical current. To do this, you can jump the electric meter. Make sure you are not taking any risks. Be careful not to come into contact with any electrically conductive elements such as metal or other materials.

Then perform the set of manipulations trained on unconscious people in order to ensure the oxygenation of the organs. This would limit the disastrous consequences on the physical and mental health of the accident victim.

Cover the victim with a dry blanket while waiting for the medical team to come. In case of burns, use sterile gas dressings or a clean cloth to cover the affected areas.

How to prevent electrocution and limit the risks?


It is good to know what to do and what to do immediately in case of electrocution. However, taking the appropriate measures to prevent this type of accident is better. For families with children, it’s important to replace electrical cords with damaged covers.

Also, keep children away from electrical appliances. Keep the use of extension cords to a minimum. Don’t forget to buy plug covers to prevent children from playing with the plugs. Above all, regularly call in a professional to check the conformity of your electrical installation.

As for adults, it would be wiser not to handle any electrical appliance without proper knowledge. It is important to adopt responsible habits to prevent this type of accident. Always call on professionals for the least of your needs.

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