How Do I Know If I Am Pregnant With A Boy Or A Girl?


Despite the nausea and the backache, pregnancy is a magical moment to feel the happiness of giving life. In this phase begins the concern of a mother who wants to prepare everything so that her baby does not lack anything. For this reason, all the positions of the baby and the identification of its sex arouse her curiosity in order to better welcome it into the family.

Some mothers seem to be more interested in this kind of thing to repair past mistakes finally, to fill a gap that they did not have in their life, or simply to perpetuate the memory of their father or mother. The following guidelines will help you detect the gender of your baby. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about your pregnancy.

The frequency of nausea


Although nausea is normal for pregnant women, it seems to be very common during the first trimester when you are expecting a baby girl. However, there are many ways to manage this pregnancy discomfort. For example, eat often, but in reasonable or even smaller amounts. Avoid eating fatty and spicy foods to regulate nausea.

Fetal heart rate

Medical examinations such as prenatal visits and ultrasounds are always recommended to monitor the progress of your pregnancy. You can see your baby’s heart by ultrasound from 6 weeks of pregnancy. The fetal heart rate also allows you to know the sex of your baby. Studies show that a girl’s heart rate is higher and can reach over 140 beats per minute. If it is not, it is a boy.

Food preference


As in everyday life, a boy and a girl do not have the same taste. Women are more attracted to sweet foods. For example, they love chocolates and cakes. On the other hand, men prefer salty foods like potato chips. According to nutrition studies, this preference is linked to hormones and eating habits. Indeed, for smokers or alcohol drinkers, the salty taste is ideal to accompany their drink. This process is still valid for guessing the gender of your baby. According to myths, a mother with a stronger craving for sweet things than salty ones has a high probability of expecting a baby girl.

The change in a mother’s physical appearance

Many people rely on a mom’s physical appearance to guess the sex of the baby, as a pregnant woman undergoes deformities, both on her face and body. A face covered with acne or skin that is drier than usual indicates a baby girl. Similarly, a decrease in hair volume or the appearance of dull hair are signs of a baby girl. On the other hand, the welcome of a little man is manifested by the rapid growth of hair, especially on the legs, and a face that is more radiant and clearer than usual.

The shape of the belly

Interpreting the shape of the mother-to-be’s belly to predict the sex of the baby has become a traditional concept for many people. It is not scientifically proven, but it has worked in most cases. A more rounded belly signals a girl, while a more elongated, or pointed, belly is a sign of a baby boy. These predilections are based on the fact that a boy stands vertically while a girl lies transversely.

The mood of the mother-to-be


A pregnant woman’s behavior can serve as a cue to detect the sex of the baby. It is believed that a mother-to-be who is highly emotional indicates that a baby girl is on the way. This manifests in frequent bad moods or simply an attitude of crying over anything. In this case, start decorating the baby’s room in powder pink.

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