How Do I Set Up A Pharmacy?


Like all other types of stores, the layout of a pharmacy should not be neglected. This will attract the maximum number of customers. In addition to the personalized layout, certain standards imposed by law must be met in order to open a pharmaceutical store. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about pharmacies.

Choosing a location


Choose a safe place to use as a pharmacy. Medication in stock should always be stored in a room reserved for this purpose. This is the storage room, which must remain closed. This storage room must be different from the dispensing room, which is open for distribution and allows the patient and the caregiver to talk to each other. Keeping medications in this room allows for the safe storage of products and constant knowledge of the status of the stock.

Ideally, your facility should have a locked room that is in good condition and well equipped. If your facility does not have a pharmacy room, you can use a closet or cabinet with shelves that lock and is your “pharmacy”. When it is not possible to separate storage and dispensing, place a counter or desk to separate the two areas.

Refer to the regulations

Since pharmacists are obliged to talk to customers in complete confidentiality, it is necessary to set up individual counters well-spaced from each other. You can also glue a dividing line to the floor. There should also be a dedicated area for people with disabilities and a more discreet one in case a patient needs to talk to the pharmacist in private.

Also, make sure that patients can clearly distinguish between medications, medical devices, and cosmetics. Highlight the relevant information. However, they should not be able to access pharmacy products directly.

Design the exterior of your pharmacy

Finding a location that is accessible to the general public and in the foreground is essential. This makes it easy to find your way around with the cross-shaped lighted signage placed high up. However, it should be turned off from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. if you are not on call. Don’t forget to put a small frame on the outside of the door to indicate the names and addresses of nearby on-call pharmacies.

It is also essential to display your name and that of your associates, as well as your sign, in an explicit manner. As for the window, make sure it has good visibility from the inside by selecting the products to be displayed and changing them from time to time.

Arrange your sales area


It is best to install the payment counters at the back of the store. Equip them with support so that customers can easily put down their bags, for example. Don’t forget to set aside a resting place for customers to be comfortable when they are waiting for a long time.

If you have a large enough space, provide a children’s corner. Put up attractive posters to make them aware of how to take care of their well-being, for example. In addition, consider installing an air conditioning system to maintain a certain level of coolness inside.

Choose suitable furniture

Gondolas can’t be separated from a pharmacy room. They are used to display publicly available products such as herbal medicines. For this purpose, you can choose between a head gondola, a wall gondola, and a center gondola. Make sure their height does not exceed eye level to optimize visibility. In addition, you should plan on setting up digging bins to display loose products. This allows them to be displayed and liquidated quickly, especially for those with a very close expiration date. To instinctively reassure customers, favor wooden materials.

Decorate your premises


It is important to personalize your store to stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty. We suggest you adopt the Scandinavian style to create a warm and modern environment. To do so, stain the wall with soft or cream colors and install a wooden base. In addition to natural light, add designer pendant lights and a floor lamp in white or yellow.

As for the floor covering, choose a parquet to ensure a better harmonization with the wooden furniture. Don’t neglect small details like light switches. Sleek square shapes in glass or aluminum are excellent options.

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