How Does Silicon Work on Hair?

How Does Silicon Work on Hair


 – Silicon for hair: what is silicon?

 – Silicon for hair: what silica is available?

 – How does silicon work on hair?

 – How to take a silicon cure for hair?

 – Silicon for hair: what are the prices?

 Silicon is an essential element of life, which is involved, among other things, in the constitution of hair.

 Silicon for hair: what is silicon?

 Silicon is a mineral that is the second most important element in the earth’s crust, after oxygen. The human body contains 7% of it.

 Its action on the metabolism is essential, as it plays an active role in synthesizing collagen and elastin, the basic proteins of the skin, responsible for its tone and elasticity. Other elastic tissues, such as blood vessels, are also very rich in this substance.

 It plays a vital role in many biological processes, such as the assimilation of vitamin C and the fixation of certain minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, zinc, and copper.

 Its production in the human body decreases considerably with age. It is, therefore, necessary to receive an external contribution.

 There are many forms of silica in nature. But they are not necessarily tolerated or assimilated by the body.

 Silicon for hair: which silica is assimilated?

 Silica is found in many organic and vegetable elements. But if some are not assimilable, others cannot be consumed.

 Thus, the mineral silica is present in high concentrations in many minerals, such as amethyst or granite, but is not assimilated by the body. Silica dioxide, on the other hand, is not easily assimilated.

 The assimilable forms that are well tolerated by the body are organic silica, found in large quantities in nettles, horsetail, brown millet, and bamboo. Silica is also very well absorbed in its colloidal form. It is then presented as a gelatinous and aqueous solution in which silicic acid is dispersed homogeneously.

 How does silicon work on the hair?

How Does Silicon Work on Hair

 Silicon acts on the scalp by improving blood circulation and sebum production.

 Better blood circulation

 Silica strengthens the blood supply to the hair bulbs. It induces better oxygenation of the roots and an increased contribution of nutritional elements. Moreover, it allows a better elimination of toxins and metabolic residues, which, by accumulating, obstruct the blood supply and harm the health of the hair. The scalp is invigorated, and the hair is strengthened. It becomes thicker and gains flexibility and shine. By allowing better oxygenation of the capillary bulbs, silicon also contributes to reducing hair loss and supporting their growth.

 Better sebum production

 It also regulates the production of sebum, the natural fatty substance secreted by the skin. It thus prevents their dehydration and gives them more shine.

 How to proceed with a silicon cure for hair?

 You can start a silicon cure as a preventive treatment, for example, before autumn, if you want to stimulate hair growth or as an “SOS treatment” to slow down hair loss.

 First, choose good quality silicon, preferably organic. Take one tablespoon twice a day, 15 to 20 minutes before meals. You can prolong this cure between one and three months.

 Silicon has no contraindications. Pregnant or nursing women can consume it.

 Silicon for hair: what are the prices?

 You can find silicon packaged in one-liter bottles costing $34 to $38.

 There are also single-dose packages for comparable prices.

 For external use, silicon is also in gel form, packaged in tubes costing $10 to $12. You can then use it as a supplement, applied locally to massage the scalp.

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