How To Keep Your Emotions Under Control During Your Period?

Every time we have our period, a dance of hormones that gives us some ups and downs begin. Our emotions are very changeable, and it is not easy to know how to deal with them. Therefore, we’ve listed some tips to help you manage your emotions during this time of the month:

What Emotions Affect Us During the Menstrual Cycle?

80% of women experience fluctuating moods during the menstrual cycle. The conclusions of the latest study conducted shows that:

-Irritability and anxiety are more significant during ovulation.

-Fatigue, sadness and crying are greatest during the first days of menstruation.

-All of these emotions decrease as the menstrual cycle progresses.

Why Does This Happen?

On a physical level, menstruation is an overload for the body. Imagine for a moment that you are clearing the accumulated snow at the doorsteps, but it doesn’t stop snowing. It would be much harder to keep the entrance snow-free!

Well, the same thing happens to our bodies. We have to go through a thousand daily duties, but with considerable bleeding. Besides, no one has taught us how to feed ourselves better or honour our bodies, instead of seeing menstruation as a heavy burden that we all suffer from. Whatever your experience may be, note some tips that will help you in the short, medium and long term!

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1) Take care of your internal dialogue. When you are moody, remember that you can perform miracles thanks to your unique reproductive system, such as perpetuating the human species. Even if you don’t want children right now, many women cannot. Feel fortunate to have the opportunity that many do not because you will be able to choose at least. Being grateful, despite the discomfort, will help you.

2) It is a moment of maximum sexual sensitivity. Some women don’t even want to hear about sex, but for others, the orgasms are more incredible because the body has much more vascularity. Whether you belong to one group or the other, experience it naturally.

3) Congratulate your body on the monthly renewal of your uterine tissue and the detoxification it brings to your body. When you live in connection with yourself, you will more easily understand the great function your body performs each month. The body asks us to rest to connect with our inner life and give it as much as possible and without guilt. Menstruation asks us to be in phase with ourselves.

4) Your intuition, sensitivity to pick up on others’ emotions, and to know how you want to live is at their peak when you are ovulating. That is why we are more irritable because we tolerate our failures less. We cannot be silent because we are renewing ourselves from within, which will inevitably express itself outwardly.

5) You need to take enough vitamin B, C, iron, magnesium and tryptophan to keep yourself nutritionally balanced during the period.

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When we feel proud, at peace, and grateful that we have an ally in menstruation that marks the phases we have to go through, we will understand that listening to what our bodies need is the basis of the respect we owe to ourselves. Start with yourself today and celebrate your feminine universe.

Ultimately, being aware of ourselves, our bodies, and our inner lives is essential to loving ourselves. If you’re still having issues, you can contact the Fertile Seeds of Life. Dr Tharshini, the founder and Chinese medicine doctor / energetic fertility specialist, is actively developing a webinar for young girls from 12 and up about menstrual cycles, their meaning, their relation to the moon and the seasons, and how we can use our superpower as girls!

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