How to Moisturize Your Hands


    – Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly

    – Step 2: Exfoliate regularly

    – Step 3: Moisturize your hands daily

    – Repair very dry and damaged hands

Every day, your hands are exposed to the cold and household products and become damaged. They dry out; the skin can crack, sometimes to the point of chapping. To find soft and protected hands, discover how to moisturize your hands. 

1. Wash your hands thoroughly

No matter what time of day it is, and no matter what product you use, it should always be applied to clean hands.

Before moisturizing your hands, always remember to wash them thoroughly:

    – preferably with lukewarm water (not too hot, not too cold), so as not to damage them;

    – with a mild, hypoallergenic soap, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Tip: only use a hydroalcoholic solution in some instances: during an epidemic or when you enter a hospital. The alcohol in these solutions tends to dry out your hands.

2. Scrub regularly

Just as when you do a facial, it is a good idea to exfoliate the skin on your hands once a week for normal skin and twice a month for sensitive skin.

Exfoliation allows :

    – remove dead cells and thus soften the skin;

    – to help penetrate the moisturizing cream that you will apply afterward.

You can use a commercially available scrub (the same scrub as the body or face is fine) or make a homemade scrub.

Apply the scrub to your hands.

    – Rub your hands together as you would when washing them.

    – Focus on the palms and knuckles of your fingers, using small circular movements with your thumb.

    – Rinse with warm water.

All that’s left to do is apply a moisturizer.

3. Moisturize your hands every day

To moisturize your hands daily, you can use a ready-to-use moisturizer or make a homemade hand and nail cream.

Contrary to popular belief, hands are not only moisturized in cold weather. They need to be protected every day. And some more than others.

    – If your hands are not too sensitive, you can apply a dab of cream every evening before bed so that it can penetrate all night long.

    – If your hands are sensitive and prone to damage, apply a dab of moisturizer after each hand washes to protect them and at night before bed.

Applying the cream is easy:

    – Take a dab of cream.

    – Spread the cream over both hands.

    – Gently massage it in.

    – Insist on the knuckles, and don’t forget the cuticles.

Repair parched and damaged hands.

If your hands are often in water, in contact with household products, or exposed to the cold, they are more fragile. As a result, your hands are red, sensitive, and the skin cracks at the joints.

When your hands are damaged, you can moisturize and repair them with the following shock treatments:

    – If you want to do a complete hand treatment:

        ◦ Coat your hands with moisturizer or shea butter in a thick layer.

        ◦ Wrap them in transparent cling film.

        ◦ Slip wool or cotton gloves over them.

        ◦ Leave overnight.

        ◦ The following day, remove the gloves and the transparent film. Your hands are moisturized and repaired.

    – If you are looking for a less harsh treatment: apply a layer of honey in the evening on clean skin, cuts, and chapped skin. Honey has a healing and soothing effect.

Materials needed for hand moisturizing

Moisturizing cream $10 approx.

Woolen gloves From $10

Hand scrub From $5

Honey $5 to $25 per 300 g depending on the type

Soap $2 approx

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