How to Take Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic Medicines


    – Focus on the homeopathic tubes

    – Step 1: Opening the tube

    – Step 2: Taking your granules

    – Recommendations concerning homeopathic granules

Homeopathy is used by a considerable part of the American population.

However, not everyone is aware of the precautions to take when taking homeopathic pellets. Respecting some simple rules will allow the granules to be effective.

Homeopathic tubes

Homeopathic Medicines

Let’s start with homeopathic tubes. There are two main types of homeopathic granules, those, larger, present in significant tubes (75 per tube), and the smaller ones, present in the doses. You can purchase both types without a prescription in a pharmacy.

Colors of homeopathic tubes

The most common homeopathic tubes, like the doses, can be of 7 different colors, each color corresponding to a dilution. For example, yellow: 4 CH (Hahnemann’s centesimal), green: 5 CH, red: 7 CH, blue: 9 CH, turquoise: 12 CH, orange: 15 CH, and violet: 30 CH.


It is strongly recommended to follow the prescriptions of a homeopathic doctor before starting homeopathic treatment.

He will tell you the number of granules that you should take, the frequency with which to take your granules, and the duration of your treatment, etc.

Variations in quality

It is essential to know that the action of a homeopathic granule is vibratory. For this vibration to be of good quality (i.e., to have a high frequency in hertz), the homeopathic dilution must be dynamized by succussion, i.e., shaking it.

1. Opening the tube

If you buy a homeopathic tube in a pharmacy, it will be closed with a tab to guarantee that it has not been used before.

Start by removing this tab located at the base of the transparent cap.

2. Taking your granules

Homeopathic Medicines

    – Turn the tube vertically so that it is upside down.

Note: for the doses, keep it upside down.

    – Unlock the cap: pull slightly on the transparent cap downwards to unlock it.

    – Rotate the cap: Rotate the transparent cap to drop a granule with each half turn. The direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise) does not matter.

Note: for doses, hold the tube and turn the cap while pulling it up.

    – Remove the cap: once you have obtained the desired number of granules, remove the cap and place your granules under your tongue.

Note: for doses, spill the entire contents of the tube into your mouth and place the granules under your tongue.

Recommendations regarding homeopathic granules

It will help if you take some precautions before using homeopathic medicines. Allow the granules to melt under the tongue. Do not touch the granules with your fingers. This applies to all homeopathic remedies, including capsule form, such as Homeogen 9 or Coryzalia. Do not consume mint within an hour before or after taking the granules: intense flavors generally cancel out the therapeutic effect. Avoid mint-based toothpaste: some kinds of toothpaste are purposely devoid of it. Take your granules 15 minutes before eating or one hour after. You can, however, drink clear water. It is possible for those who believe in it to make lemniscatory movements (drawing 8’s): 10 vertical and 10 horizontal, which would energize the granules a little more!

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