How to Treat a Voice Blockage – Sore Throat

Voice Blockage – Sore Throat

Voice loss can affect anyone and has many possible causes. In general, it is a mild symptom.

The first thing to do in case of voice loss is to rest your vocal cords by avoiding speaking for 48 hours. There are then different treatments to cure voice extinction:

    – medical treatment prescribed by a doctor;

    – natural treatments: inhalation, homeopathy, phytotherapy, herbal tea, etc.

Focus on voice extinction

The loss of voice (or aphonia) is generally preceded by a change in the tone of the voice (or dysphonia). The voice may “break” or become hoarse or weak, for example.

Usually, this dysphonia gets progressively worse until it leads to voice loss.

While voice loss can occur after singing at the top of your voice for a long time or after a sudden effort, certain pathologies can also lead to aphonia, notably

    – laryngitis;

    – tracheitis;

    – epiglottitis (rare);

    – a viral infection (flu or bronchitis);

    – paralysis of the laryngeal nerves

    – a tumor ;

    – hysteria (psychic origin).

Generally speaking, voice loss is a symptom of little gravity and can also be due to stress or a big frightening situation.

However, if in doubt or if the symptoms persist, do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

Prevention of voice loss

If you are regularly prone to voice loss, do your best to prevent it by

    – Drinking water regularly;

    – humidifying the air in your home or workplace with a humidifier

    – resting your voice whenever you can.

1. Rest your voice

Voice Blockage – Sore Throat

The first step is to rest your voice.

For 48 hours, avoid shouting or even speaking loudly. Ideally, speak as little as possible to allow your vocal cords to recover.

Whispering is not recommended, as it requires effort from the vocal cords. Speaking softly is even better.

2. Avoid aggravating products

During the rest period, avoid:

    – alcohol;

    – coffee

    – Tobacco;

    – cold drinks.

These things can keep the inflammation going and slow down your remission.

3. Option 1: Opt for drug treatment

Traditional drug treatment will usually involve treating the cause of the voice loss:

    – anti-inflammatory drugs for an ENT infection;

    – antibiotics in case of a bacterial pathology…

There may also be a symptomatic treatment in which anti-inflammatory drugs relieve the larynx.

Exceptionally, as a last resort, the doctor may inject corticosteroids.

In all cases, a drug treatment requires a consultation with a professional.

3. Option 2:


Do inhalations of:

    – thyme;

    – lavender ;

    – eucalyptus.

To do this:

    – Heat water.

    – Put thyme, lavender, or eucalyptus in a bowl.

    – Pour the simmering water into the bowl.

    – Close your eyes.

    – Place your face over the bowl.

    – Cover your head with a towel to retain the steam.

    – Breathe deeply once and then normally.

    – Continue to inhale for a few minutes.

There is also a medication called Perubore, a capsule specifically designed for inhalation and contains essential oils (EO) of lavender, red thyme, and rosemary.

To use it, you can, before pouring hot water:

    – either put the capsule directly into the bowl ;

    – or cut it at its end before placing it in the bowl.

Perform 3 inhalations per day, allowing 4 hours between each one.

Good to know: there are inhalers specially designed to direct the water vapor towards the nose while protecting the eyes.

3. Option 3: Take a homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy offers specific remedies to fight against voice loss, hoarseness, and, more generally, vocal cord fatigue (for example, Homeovox or Voxpax)

It is suitable for everyone aged 6 years (younger, the small tablet may be swallowed, and there is a risk of a false start).

This homeopathic complex is taken at a rate of:

    – 2 tablets to suck every hour;

    – then to space out according to the evolution of the symptoms.

The treatment will not exceed 6 days.

Other homeopathic remedies exist depending on the origin of the voice extinction. They should be taken 3 times a day at a dilution of 7 CH (Centesimal Hahnemann) (unless otherwise stated).

    – If the hoarseness follows a prolonged vocal effort with aggravation in the morning and you have the sensation that your throat is flayed, take Arnica montana; take Arum triphillum in 5 CH if there is aggravation while speaking.

    – If the hoarseness appears after a punctual vocal effort with improvement when speaking, take Rhus Toxicodendron.

    – If the hoarseness concerns singers, requires throat clearing in the morning, and is accompanied by coughing, take Selenium or Mercurius cyanatus if it is chronic and painful.

    – If hoarseness is increased in the morning, accompanied by mucus in the throat, or occurs in someone stressed, take Argentum nitricum.

    – If the hoarseness is related to a severe fright, take Aconite 15 CH (3 granules every hour).

    – If the loss of voice is due to stage fright, take Gelsemium 9 CH (3 granules every hour).

3. Option 4: Try herbal medicine

A simple and very effective remedy for aphonia exists.

    – Boil half a glass of water.

    – Dip a cinnamon stick in it.

    – Let it boil for a good 5 minutes.

    – Let it cool down.

    – Drink lukewarm.

Another solution: boil 3 dried figs in a glass of milk and drink this mixture hot.

Tip: in naturopathy, we advise against cow’s milk, especially in case of ENT problems.

3. Option 5: Prepare an herbal tea

Many herbal teas can be used to fight against voice loss.

Here is one:

    – Mix equal parts:

        ◦ sage officinale;

        ◦ hibiscus;

        ◦ ginger (powdered or finely minced);

        ◦ pomegranate flower;

    – Boil water.

    – Immerse the mixture in it.

    – Let it boil for a good 5 minutes.

    – Let it cool down.

    – Drink warm.

Note: you can add honey which is also effective against hoarseness.

3. Option 6: Try a grandmother’s Remedy

Some grandma’s remedies can work to fight aphonia.

    – Prepare a mixture with:

        ◦ juice of one lemon ;

        ◦ an egg white;

        ◦ powdered sugar (molasses would be ideal) or honey.

    – Stir until you have a smooth mixture.

    – Take a tablespoon of the preparation every hour and then space out the doses according to the improvement of symptoms.

3. Option 7: Gargle

Gargle with a mixture of salt water and lemon juice. Repeat 3 times a day.

Materials needed to treat a voice blockage

Cinnamon sticks 

Homeopathic tablets 





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