I’m Cold, and I Can’t Fall Asleep: What Can I Do?

How can you get to sleep when you’re so cold at night? But why do you feel like you’re freezing when you’re in your bedroom? There are several reasons for this. Heat loss in a room is usually the result of poor insulation. This can come from the walls, the floor, the window or even the roof if your room is located upstairs. The best solution to remedy this is to determine the origin of the problem.

Poor Insulation

A bedroom should be comfortable and have a pleasant temperature. But to do that, you need to cut off all thermal bridges. To find the source of the leak, you must inspect all the existing walls (wall, window, floor). If the problems come from the walls, you can remedy them by installing drywall. This is an inexpensive solution that avoids the need for significant work. Often used to soundproof a room, drywall also improves thermal comfort. You can also choose the size you want. In addition to being lightweight, drywall models can even be customized at will, allowing them to match any decorating style.

Woodwork is suitable for all budgets. However, if the windows are the source of thermal leakage, opt for double glazing. To make the right choice, contact a company specialized in insulation, which will advise you, considering the standards in force.

The floor also represents an integral part of the thermal losses of the house. To gain thermal comfort at this level, you can lay a dry screed, which can only be done if the floor is above a cellar or a crawl space. If your bedroom is located on the first floor, this will not be possible either. However, you can call in a professional to advise you.

Why Not Sleep With the Heater On?

People have a terrible habit of warming the room during winter nights. It is true that when you are cold at night, it is tough to get to sleep. Moreover, this can impact the organism since the body will provide energy to generate heat. This will prevent the body from providing the necessary energy for a better recovery and to be in shape when you wake up.

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The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 16 to 18°C. For children’s bedrooms, you can set the temperature to 20°C. However, setting the heat too high can cause headaches and dry airways. Also, heat the room one hour before going to bed. Once you are ready for bed, turn it off. This way, you won’t be exposed to a change in temperature, and the room will be more comfortable. Also, use comforters that will keep you warm while you sleep.

You should know that there are currently modular comforters that are very popular. They are composed of a light comforter and a temperate comforter. During the winter, they will provide you with optimal comfort. And when the night gets warmer, you can simply unzip them and use the lighter unit. The only drawback is that modular comforters don’t adapt to everyone’s needs. If you sleep with two people and the other is cold, you must either use both modules or the lighter version.

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