Is There Such a Thing as Fear of Watching Television?

Is There Such a Thing as Fear of Watching Television?

What do you do after you come home from a long and tiring day at work? You shower, have dinner, chat with family members or friends and then check what’s trending on FB, Insta or TikTok. And, then you’d probably watch a little bit of TV, right?

This is pretty much everyone’s routine. In fact, the pandemic has changed the TV viewing pattern, with now more people watching TV.

Like the internet, television covers a lot of territories and this is why people enjoy watching it. From comedy shows, dramas, movies, sitcoms, and musical shows to documentaries, sports and news, television offers a variety of things to watch. Plus, one of the biggest assets of living in this current era is we get to appreciate the golden age of television. Not only has the number of television channels and series grown exponentially, but so did the quality of television. In fact, television shows produced by premium cable networks like HBO, Netflix, Showtime and Starz have surpassed movies, which is why people are now binge-watching several television shows at the same time.

And, most importantly, people enjoy watching TV because it gives them an opportunity to look into a life they don’t live. We’ve all once dreamed of becoming bad-ass lawyers or rich and powerful CEOS and some TV shows or movies allow us to live vicariously through the characters in situations we could only dream of.

So, to sum it up, we live in a generation that can’t live without TV. But, what about those who are scared of the watching TV?

Are There People Who Are Scared of Watching TV?

Are There People Who Are Scared of Watching TV?If there are people who are actually scared of things like hair, water, submarines, numbers, long words, mobile phones and money, there have to be people who are scared of television and even if it’s hard to believe, it is true. 

For example, there is this little boy called Leo. According to his mother, he started to fear the television when he was around one year old. They put on a DVD and a preview of The Wizard of Oz started running. As soon as he heard the words, “I am the great and powerful OZ,” Leo started running in fear. Since that day, he never watched television again and he never even expressed a desire to watch television because he was afraid of it. Usually, as soon as someone switched on the TV, he would flee from the room. As per the mother’s statement, “He doesn’t like the unknown and lack of control associated with TV. He doesn’t like not knowing what comes next on any given program, and he feels- even with a remote- that it is hard to stop it quickly. He will say that he doesn’t like the sounds. He doesn’t like the words he hears. He will often make the comparison between a scary show and a scary book, like Harry Potter. He likes that you can skim over scary parts of a book or even close it, and feels that you cannot do this with television.”

Why Are People Scared of Watching TV?

Why Are People Scared of Watching TV?

A Childhood Matter

Children are often scared of certain scenes that are featured on TV like horrific events on the news or shows and movies about crimes and disasters. So, if a kid is constantly exposed to such scenes, he/she can then develop a fear of television.

Past Trauma

When a person suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), a past traumatic event can trigger a fear reaction in a person. And, if that past trauma is connected somehow to television, then it can result in fear of watching television.


Did you know that two-thirds of migraine sufferers live in fear of an attack occurring?

So, when some people watch TV for too long and then suffer from severe migraines, they start developing a certain fear and stop watching TV for a long time.


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