Lithotherapy and Its Great Virtues

Lithotherapy is a pseudo-science that allows the treatment of certain physical and emotional disorders or ailments through crystals and stones. Discover lithotherapy, its benefits, and the stones used to practice it!

Lithotherapy: Definition and Principle

Lithotherapy can be defined as “a method of healing through the use of stones”. Since the Middle Ages, it has been used as a medical treatment; some stones are said to have healing powers. This therapy consists of wearing a stone in the palm of your hands or a piece of jewelry made of natural stones (with virtues appropriate to your ailments).

In contact with your skin, the stone will trigger a vibratory resonance stimulating the organic minerals. Thus, it allows curing diseases. You can wear the stone as a pendant on your wrist or put it in your pocket.

After wearing the stone for a few days, clean your stone with mineral water and recharge it under the lunar or solar rays (depending on their nature).

The Benefits of Lithotherapy

So far, there is no scientific evidence to support the positive or negative effects of lithotherapy. However, several testimonies have shown that these stones have a real influence on our body, psyche, and emotions thanks to the beneficial energies they diffuse. The benefits of lithotherapy come from the vibration or resonance emitted by the stones or crystals.

These stones can improve our health and well-being. Here are some examples of disorders or ailments that we can overcome by wearing these stones: stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety, mental agitation, joint pain, loss, or lack of confidence.

The Stones Used in Lithotherapy and Their Powers

Whether they are precious or semi-precious, the stones used in lithotherapy are formed in the earth’s crust, magmatic rock, and metamorphic rock. Each stone has its virtues. However, we will only mention the most known and most used ones:

Labradorite is a stone of protection and security, and it absorbs harmful waves and acts as a shield. Leave the stone in a negative environment for a week; without cleaning it, it will change color and harmonize the aura.

The amethyst: improves sleep and soothes headaches.

The emerald: helps to strengthen the immune system and manage anger.

The white agate: it is the stone of softness and relaxation, and it favors meditation, tolerance, and indulgence. It is also the symbol of longevity, courage, prosperity, and fertility.

The black tourmaline: it allows to protect oneself from electromagnetic waves.

The red garnet: it helps to stimulate vital energy and creativity.

Jade: it brings courage, wisdom, calmness, relaxation, inner peace and modesty.

Carnelian: it is “the stone of the woman”. It helps to develop intuition and self-confidence.

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