Signs You Need a Root Canal Treatment

In some scenarios, root canal treatment is necessary and can also indicate that your tooth is worth saving. So, let’s discover some of the signs that you might need a root canal treatment!

#1. You Have Persistent Pain

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One of the major signs that you need a root canal is a tenacious tooth pain. You may feel the pain deep in the bone of your tooth or in your face, jaw or in your other teeth. This pain can either trouble you all the time or it can also go away at one point and then come back.

Usually there are some other causes of tooth pain aside from an abscess in the root canal, for example:

  • Gum disease
  • A cavity
  • A damaged filling
  • An infected tooth
  • Pain from a sinus infection or any other health conditions

However, no matter what the cause, if you have a persistent tooth pain and you don’t want any negative outcomes, I recommend you to get a diagnosis from Nika Dental Center.

#2. Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

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Many people have experienced sensitivity in their teeth after feasting on ice cream or icy-cold drinks. But, does your tooth also hurt when you consume warm food or drink a nice warm cup of coffee? And does it happen often?

Tooth sensitivity can feel like a dull ache or a sharp pain. However, it is essential to note that if your pain lingers for a very long period of time, even when you have stopped eating or drinking, this might indicate that you need a root canal.

#3. Tooth Discoloration

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Did you know that an infection in the pulp of your tooth can cause it to become discoloured? Besides, trauma to the tooth or a breakdown of an internal tissue can affect the roots and cause a grayish-black appearance in your tooth.

As per Kenneth Rothschild, a dentist with over 40 years of experience, “tooth pulps can die when there’s an inadequate blood supply, thus signalling a possible need for a root canal.”

#4. Swollen Gums

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Another sign that you need a root canal is swollen gums near the painful tooth. And as explained by Rothschild, “the swelling can be caused by acidic waste products of dead pulp tissues, which may lead to edema outside the root tip area.”

Usually, you will notice that the swelling may come and go. Besides, it might either be sensitive when you touch it, or it might not be painful at all. Let me tell you that it is also possible to get a little pimple on your gum and this is called gum boil (not gumball). But the worst thing is how this pimple may release pus from the infected tooth and give both an unpleasant taste in the mouth and bad breath.

#5. A Chipped or Cracked Tooth

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Did you know that if you got a chipped or cracked tooth, whether, from an accident or a contact sport, bacteria can develop and lead to inflammation and infection?

Now, suppose you have injured a tooth, but it didn’t crack. The injury may still damage the nerves of the tooth and lead to inflammation, pain and sensitivity, which therefore requires a root canal treatment.

#6. Tooth Mobility

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Sometimes, when you have an infected tooth, it might feel looser.

Kenneth Rothschild gave an explanation on tooth mobility. He said that, “This can be caused by other factors besides pulpal necrosis (nerve death), but it can be a sign that a root canal is necessary. Acidic waste products from nerve death can soften the bone around the root of a dying tooth, causing mobility.”

#7. Pain When You Eat or Touch the Tooth

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What does it mean if your tooth is sensitive when you touch it or when you eat? This could either indicate a severe tooth decay or a nerve damage that may require a root canal treatment.

If you are convinced that you need to undergo a root canal treatment, then now is the time to contact Nika Dental Center.

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