Surprising Facts About Your Teeth

Our teeth are very important, not just for processing food but also for the following three things that are essential in everyday life:

1) Speech, so you can make yourself understood.

2) To be able to communicate, to speak clearly, to be able to understand things.

3) Clean and well-maintained teeth also ensure that you dare to smile, which gives you a positive appearance and look more confident.

However, in addition to these three essential teeth functions, there are some fun facts about teeth. Teeth are a part of the body that has been studied for thousands of years. Let’s see some of the facts together!

Teeth Colour

Did you know that the shape of your teeth determines its colour? A bright smile with beautiful white teeth is very important to many people, but not everyone has naturally beautiful white teeth. The dentin’s thickness and colour determine the colour of teeth: the thicker the dentin, the more naturally yellow the teeth. In addition to the natural colour of teeth, the colour is also influenced by food and drink.

Is Saliva Important for Dental Health?

The average person produces 1 litre of saliva a day. That’s more than 25,000 litres of saliva in a person’s lifetime. Saliva ensures good dental health. It cleans, neutralises acids and reduces bad breath.

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In Japan, White Teeth Were Considered Ugly

In medieval Japan, white teeth were considered ugly. Japanese women used to smear ink on their teeth to turn them black. The darker the teeth, the more attractive they were.

4,000 Years Before Christ, People Brushed Their Teeth

The first toothbrush was made about 4000 years before Christ. At that time, toothpaste did not exist. It was only developed 400 years before Christ. In earlier times, people usually brushed their teeth with a twig of a medicinal plant or tree.

The Tooth Enamel Is the Hardest Part of The Body

The hardness of the enamel is due to apatite. It is a lime mineral that makes up 95% of tooth enamel. It is also the reason why teeth are well preserved after thousands of years.


Your teeth are the only part of your skeleton you can see. That’s why your teeth, like your bones, need calcium to stay strong. They are also more exposed than your other bones. So, make sure you look after your teeth.

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Ideally, You Should Brush Your Teeth for Two Minutes

It’s not the case that the longer you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be. It’s more to do with how thoroughly you brush. Studies show that if you brush correctly, two minutes is enough to remove most tartar and bacteria. So, work on your technique.

It’s Better to Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast Than After Breakfast

Most dentists will tell you that it’s better to brush your teeth before breakfast than after breakfast. Are you a #teamafter breakfast? No worries! In principle, you can brush your teeth after breakfast, but make sure you leave half an hour to 45 minutes between breakfast and brushing.

When you eat, you leave food in your mouth, which brings acids. If you then brush your teeth, there’s a chance you’ll damage your enamel. Wait a little while after your meal to allow your saliva to take care of the residue.

Look After Your Teeth

The above facts about teeth are fun and can also be helpful. But it’s essential to visit your dentist regularly. So make an appointment today with the dentists at Dental Choice of Melbourne. They provide practical and exceptional dental care for the whole family. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening or more in-depth procedures like surgical extractions, you’re sure to be in good hands there! After all, there’s nothing better than a beautiful smile!

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