Sweet Potato: A Secret Key to Good Health


The sweet potato is an ancient vegetable crop that many people compare to the potatoes we are used to. This vegetable has been used for thousands of years. The sweet potato is a fairly long tuber with a tender, juicy pulp and a very thin skin. Latin America is considered its birthplace, but today the sweet potato is actively cultivated in India, Indonesia and China.

The taste of the sweet potato is similar to that of the potato, but sweeter, hence its second name. After conquering the Europeans, the sweet potato is becoming more and more popular throughout the world. This is no coincidence, as it contains many vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body.

Sweet potato is an excellent base for soups, desserts and stews, it is used as a side dish, added to vegetable salads and meat stews. In today’s article, we explain why you should include it in your menu on a health level perspective.

In nature, it grows in a tropical and humid climate. It is a perennial herbaceous creeper that crawls along the ground (the height of the bush reaches only 18 cm), crawls, up to 5 m long, the stems take root in the nodes. The sweet potato has the appearance of tubers, but they are in fact the strongly developed lateral roots of the plant. It can weigh up to 10 kg.

In temperate climates, it is grown as an annual plant, which yields tubers weighing up to 1-3 kg. Because of the type of root, its sweet taste similar to that of the potato, the ways of cooking and eating the two vegetables are similar.

What are the Benefits of This Plant?

Chinese sages believe that sweet potato has anti-cancer properties (mainly protective), regenerates the elasticity of blood vessels, makes the kidneys and liver work more actively. It is used as a general tonic, for stress, neurosis, colds, respiratory infections, etc. It helps to fight against chronic fatigue, insomnia, eye diseases, etc.

It is recommended to use sweet potato to heal and strengthen the gastric mucosa, as it protects against the appearance and development of tumor manifestations. These tubers increase immunity, reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism, promote the elimination of heavy metals and their salts.

Sweet Potato Helps Fight Stress

Modern life is so dynamic that sometimes we do not notice all the stressful situations that affect our body. It is possible to help the body to function normally, not only by observing the mode of work and rest, but also by using a number of products that can support the nervous system, for example, sweet potato.

With their sweet taste, sweet potatoes are already stimulating and can also be used as a base for healthy snacks and desserts, such as raisin muffins. We all agree that eating sweet potatoes will not help you eliminate stress, but it can be beneficial in combination with other products to improve your condition. In addition, sweet potatoes compensate for the lack of potassium, the level of which usually decreases with stress.

Hormonal Normalization

Sweet potatoes are rich in phytoestrogens, which are similar to female sex hormones. Experts regularly recommend using sweet potatoes to normalize hormone levels, especially for women going through menopause.

Low Glycemic Index

Diabetics know that sometimes you want to indulge in something sweet, so sweet potato is an ideal option, especially in the form of simple chips, the recipe of which is not at all difficult. Its pleasant taste will satisfy the desire for sweets, without increasing the blood sugar level, since it has a low glycemic index. In addition, this property of the sweet potato is perfect for dieters who want to improve their figure, because, as you know, a sharp increase in blood sugar levels can lead to overeating.

Interesting isn’t it? Delightful for our taste buds and fantastic for our health, sweet potato is a true gem. Are you going to add it to your food? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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