The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports

The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports



    – Sport is euphoric

    – Doing sports to have self-confidence

    – Sport improves intellectual performance

    – Sport reduces stress

    – The cardiovascular benefits of sport

    – Physical activity improves bone density

    – Sport allows you to live longer

Sport is crucial for maintaining health. You already know this because you’ve been told since you were a kid that a nutritious diet could help you live better and longer. But are you truly aware of all the advantages that come with sports? Here are the top seven. The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports

1. Sport is euphoric

The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports

Practicing sports often produces euphoric molecules such as serotonin, which regulates appetite, mood, and even the tendency to depression. The endorphin produced by sports would have effects comparable to those of opiates.

2. Doing sport to have self-confidence

When you do sports, your self-confidence is stronger. We improve our self-esteem and confidence by setting goals, keeping them, and progressing.

3. Sport improves intellectual performance

Cardiovascular exercises facilitate oxygen transport from the lungs to the deepest parts of the body, thus effectively stimulating “brain control”.

4. Sport reduces stress

Practicing sports activity relieves the excess adrenaline, a hormone responsible for stress, stored in the body. And that makes you feel better.

5. The cardiovascular benefits of sport

The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports

According to a recent survey, sport has many good effects on your heart. It brings you a lower heart rate at rest and during exercise, lower blood pressure and an increase in the volume of blood ejected at each contraction, and a clear improvement in the ability to make a short effort without oxygen. And, of course, sport gives you a better cardiorespiratory capacity.

High-intensity exercises would be particularly effective. The principle is as follows:

    – Warm up for 10 minutes;

    – Run, dance, swim, pedal, do push-ups or any other exercise at maximum capacity for 30 to 60 seconds;

    – Catch your breath for as long as your exercise lasts;

    – Repeat the sequence 8 times (three times a week);

This workout would simultaneously optimize your cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and mechanical functions in only 25 minutes per session.

6. Physical activity improves bone density

The 7 (Real) Reasons to Practice Sports

According to several studies, regular and repetitive sports training allows the bone to gain 1% or 2% in density, multiplying by ten the resistance to fractures after only a few months of training. You can continue to drink milk too.

7. Sport makes you live longer

According to the survey led by Ralph Paffenbarger of Harvard University, regular exercise leads to a two-year gain in life compared to people who do not exercise. Regular exercise means living better and longer.

Cold weather, outside temptations, or even fatigue push many people to give up their physical activity after a few sessions. Here are 10 tips to stay motivated against all odds! 

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