The Best and Worst Foods and Drinks For Your Oral Health

Men and women are increasingly concerned about having good oral health. Aesthetics is very important today. A beautiful smile with white and well-aligned teeth is much more attractive than one that does not show off its charms. Having a beautiful smile increases our self-esteem. It is the best-kept secret that shy people have to be irresistible because they prefer to smile before talking and charming.

On the contrary, a mouth where teeth are missing, crooked, or have a bad color, denotes neglect and abandonment on the person’s part. But having beautiful teeth is not only a matter of aesthetics; it also has significant repercussions on our health. People with dental diseases suffer from digestive disorders, self-esteem problems, and even an increased heart attack risk. That is why oral health is essential. Nutrition plays a vital role. Next, we will see what foods are recommended and which ones do not fit into a healthy diet for our teeth.

Good Foods for Good Oral Health

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On the other side of the coin are those foods that we should include in our regular diet because they are very beneficial for oral health. Take note, and from now on, try to eat more:

  • Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: Although acidic fruits damage the enamel, there are others such as apples, carrots, or celery that clean our teeth. Also, fruit and vegetables, in general, provide vitamins and minerals.

  • Dairy Products: Milk, cheese, or yogurt. They are high in calcium, which is the mineral that makes up teeth. Also, the calcium in dairy products is excellent, as it adheres to the teeth, rebuilds the enamel, and protects them against cavities. It also has phosphates and vitamin D.

  • Sugar-Free Gum: Candy seems to be forbidden if we think about good dental health, but not all. Sugar-free gum consumed after meals helps to keep saliva in the mouth and counteracts the risk of cavities.

  • Green and Black Teas: Have compounds that inhibit bacteria in the mouth.

Avoid These 6 Foods and Drinks That Damage Your Teeth

The leading cause of cavities, which are holes in the teeth, is the acid found in the teeth and wears down the enamel over time. Foods like sugary sweets and/or starchy carbohydrates dissolve into sugars that turn into corrosive acid in your mouth, attacking the enamel on your teeth and weakening them. To keep your teeth healthy and enamel intact, avoid these harmful foods, or if the temptation is absolutely unavoidable, be sure to brush and rinse with LISTERINE ® after consuming them.

#1. Hard Candies

How Sugar Affects Your Teeth | Angela Evanson, DDS in Parker, CO Dentist | (720) 409-0008 | 80134

It was to be expected that when you suck on hard candy for long periods or break it into small pieces, you endanger your tooth enamel and your oral health. In turn, your mouth is full of sugar, which sticks to the teeth and takes a long time to dissolve, exposing the gums and teeth to this harmful sugar.

#2. Acidic Drinks

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Juices, sports drinks, and all sodas (even diet sodas) are full of sugar and acid and are not the best combinations for your teeth. The best drink option for your teeth is water! However, if you prefer flavored drinks, look for brands that do not have added sugars or try adding a little fruit or vegetables, such as watermelon or cucumber, to the water for a refreshing flavor that is less harmful to your mouth. Also, consider diluting the juice with water to make it less damaging to your teeth.

#3. Sweets

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This indulgence or any other sweet made with large amounts of sugar is troublesome for the teeth. Sticky candies are the teeth’ worst enemies, and even some nuts, like dried apricots, can damage tooth enamel. Foods that adhere easily to teeth and tend to get stuck between the gums and teeth are difficult to wash and allow sugar to attack tooth enamel. Limit your intake of sweets, and when you can’t, try brushing and using LISTERINE ® mouthwash afterward to minimize damage.

#4. Pasta

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You certainly haven’t heard much about it, but simple carbohydrates can turn into simple sugars if we don’t brush our teeth. Starchy foods are metabolized into sugars that produce acid that wears down tooth enamel. Therefore, eating chips, pasta, potatoes, crackers or bread, and other foods made from flour can damage as much damage as sweets. 

#5. Ice

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Chewing on ice and, in general, extremely hard foods can weaken the enamel, opening cracks that expose your teeth to harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. Other unhealthy habits related to the mouth, such as opening bottles and packages with the teeth, should also be avoided.

#6. Hard Nuts

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These can crack the enamel of your teeth. Additionally, chewing hard nuts can also damage dental implants, dentures, and braces. Try eating small pieces of walnuts instead of whole walnuts if they are too hard, or eating walnuts in butter or cream spread.

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