Tips to Increase Your Concentration (Part 1)


Step 1: Prepare properly

Step 2: Learn how to breathe well

Step 3: Focus your attention

Being able to concentrate is necessary for many circumstances. Whether you’re taking an exam, trying to boost your memory, or wanting to learn speed reading, concentration is essential.

Here are the steps to follow to increase your concentration successfully.

1. Prepare yourself properly

Adapt your workspace

To be able to make your brain work properly, and improve your concentration, adapt your workspace. It should be uncluttered, pleasant, and properly arranged. You won’t have to worry about where documents or your stapler are if everything is well organized.

Also, make sure you have enough light. Ideally, opt for a light therapy bulb that emits a light close to natural light (minimum 5,500° Kelvin) labeled D55.

Finally, take a proper seat and sit comfortably.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

To improve your concentration, you will need to make sure you:

– sleep properly;

– eat healthily;

– practice regular physical activity.

Be early in the morning

The maximum concentration of an individual is possible for about half an hour (to the nearest ten minutes), especially in the morning whether you have difficulty concentrating or not, reserve complex tasks for the morning.

Note: some people may find it more comfortable in the evening.

Develop your mental stamina

You can gradually increase your concentration time and thus develop your psychic endurance.

For this purpose:

Make sure you concentrate for two minutes longer than before, using a stopwatch if necessary.

If you manage to do this without difficulty, increase it by another two minutes, etc.

As soon as you reach a new level (i.e., two minutes more than before) and you can concentrate without difficulty, add a few more minutes.

Above all, avoid moving too quickly from one level to another. Even if the progress seems slow, it is real.

Take breaks


To keep your concentration active for a more extended time, take a break and air yourself out for about ten minutes every hour.

It is also possible to plan a short refreshing nap in the early afternoon.

Keep up the excellent work at

Don’t be discouraged. Even if you start from a low point, improving your concentration is within everyone’s reach.

In the beginning, this requires a simple rule of thumb: put into practice the following tips every day. It is by repeating things that they will become natural.

You will see that the more you progress, the more quickly your abilities will develop.

2. Learn how to breathe well

Whatever the reason your concentration is required, it is essential to breathe correctly to oxygenate your brain.

To breathe properly:

– Stand steadily on your feet or sit securely in the back of your chair.

– Breathe in deeply before blowing without pushing too hard.

– Repeat this breathe-in and breathe-out cycle ten times, keeping your focus on the air going into and out of your lungs.

– Keep in mind that the goal is to relax, oxygenate your cells, and put aside disturbing emotions.

3. Focus your attention

To prepare yourself to concentrate or generally to practice, focus your attention on an object:

– Choose an object near you, such as the door handle, and analyze it in detail for one minute.

– Try to gather as much information as possible: its size, its contours, its color, its texture, etc.

– In a second step, resume your observation of the object, but, after about twenty seconds, widen your field of vision. Now observe the object’s environment: the floor, the table, the door, the painting on the wall…

– With this exercise, you prepare your brain to focus on a specific point without neglecting the ancillary elements that will allow you to make productive associations of ideas.

This post will now continue in part 2 in our next publication during this week itself. Stay posted, and remember to leave your comments below.

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