What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is an ancient alternative medicine that originated in traditional Chinese medicine. The treatments are prevalent among Muslims because the Prophet would have recommended them. However, some athletes swear by it as well.

How Does The Suction Cup Work?

Different treatment methods are possible with cupping: fixed cupping, moving cupping, dry cupping, and wet cupping.

The therapist heats the suction cups and places them on the skin. Due to the negative pressure that occurs, the suction cup will stick to the skin. The cup can also be vacuumed with the help of a pump. The cups used can be made of glass, earthenware, plastic, or bamboo.

The idea is to stimulate blood circulation and massage the muscles and connective tissue. It would also affect the meridians, the body’s pathways through which energy flows according to acupuncture’s teachings.

What Are The Benefits of Cupping Therapy?

1) Helps Purify The Blood

With the wet cupping method, the practitioner uses a needle to puncture the skin lightly sometimes before or after cupping. These slight wounds will help the blood flow and release the toxins from the body during the cupping session.

2) Health Benefits

All kinds of health benefits are attributed to suction cups. Some athletes use cupping because they believe it improves their recovery. It also helps with many ailments, from headaches, colds, and insomnia to back pain, depression, and infertility. According to some cupping therapists, it even helps prevent cancer.

3) It Works Against Cellulite

Cupping is a deep massage technique in which fat and fluid accumulations can be reduced. It loosens adhesions and disposes of waste.

4) Detox

When going for detox, cupping is one more way to detoxify the body. Vacuum cupping extracts waste products from muscles and tissues.

5) You feel better

It is also a way to remove energy blockages. The meridians in our body ensure the flow of energy. If there are blockages somewhere, this energy cannot flow smoothly. This can give you vague complaints such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. With cupping, you release blockages, and the energy can flow again!

The Complete Guide to Cupping and its Benefits | SteelFitĀ®

How Do You Care for the Treated Area After a Cupping Session?

Due to the vacuum pressure in the skin, round spots appear after treatment and can range in color from red to dark purple. Like bruising, they go away on their own in about a week. It can also take longer, depending on how dark the spots have become. After treatment, keep your skin warm and drink plenty of water. This will encourage the removal of waste.

How Many Cup Sessions Do You Need?

This depends on the complaints. With an acute complaint, some already benefit after one treatment. If the stagnation is profound in the body, then much more treatment is needed in chronic complaints. After each treatment, you will notice that the stains become less deep in color and, at a certain point, they do not even appear anymore. It is also advisable to repeat the treatment regularly.

What Is the Frequency of the Treatment?

The frequency of treatment depends on each person. Usually, the next treatment is one week later. The colored areas should then disappear completely. With a healthy body, this is after 3 to 4 days.

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