What Your Poop Says About Your Health (Part 2)

It’s no secret; we all need to empty our intestines from time to time; whether it’s once or several times a day!  And no matter how many times we deny it, we all look at our beautiful logs after a relieving moment of evacuating! As gross as it may sound, checking our potty every day is essential to be aware of any significant or lasting changes in our bowel movements. Scientifically, the “Bristol Stool Chart” is used to classify our stools according to their consistency and shape. Let’s take a look at some cool facts our poop tells about our health.

Sinking Poop

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Generally, there’s poop that sinks in the toilet and floats in the water. If you’re dropping sinking logs, it means you’re short of fiber. Another cause may be that you’re not drinking enough water. Therefore, if your poop doesn’t float, you know what you need to change in your diet.

Floating Turds That Resist Toilet Flushing

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If your poop (isn’t too hard or too soft) floats in the toilet and won’t flush away, you may be suffering from excess gas in your intestines. This can be caused by a diet full of flatulent foods or a disease that releases gas in the intestines. Another cause is an increase in the amount of fat in your stool.

Chunks of Food in Stools

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If you’ve noticed small pieces of what you’ve eaten in your turds, that can be because you didn’t digest them properly as your body didn’t have the necessary enzymes. Visit your doctor as soon as possible if it’s the case for you!

Terrible-Smelling Stool May Be a Sign of Infection

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It’s no secret that poop stinks, but unusually smelly stools are often a sign of infection. Stinky poop is a typical side effect of a stomach virus caused by the giardia parasite, most often ingested while swimming in freshwater lakes. It can also suggest a more serious digestive condition, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or celiac disease.

Hard and Separated Balls

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They’ve spent into your bowel for a long time, making it difficult to expel. This characteristic occurs in people who have an unhealthy lifestyle, suffer from constipation, and are full of toxins, so they need a bowel cleansing. If it lasts longer than a couple of weeks, visit your doctor to determine its causes!

Elongated and full of lumps 

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This type of stool can also indicate that you’re not drinking enough water and that if you do not correct the situation, you may end up suffering from constipation. It is advisable to drink more water.

Elongated With Cracks on the Surface

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This shape indicates more normality. Everything is fine, but you can still choose to get a better type of stool.

Soft and With Separate Pieces or With Defined Edges

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This type of stool, somewhat softer, separated but still with defined edges, may indicate that the food has not been fully digested. It can occur when we have binged on food.

Watery, Shapeless, and Continuous Stools

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It is diarrhea. This situation requires the utmost care because it can lead to dehydration. Also, no nutrients are being absorbed. It is advisable to visit the doctor, who will advise an astringent diet. In these cases, it is also not useful to drink water but to consume oral serums, which have an adequate concentration of electrolytes for proper hydration.

Diarrhea results from your poop passing too quickly through the large intestine, where most of the water content is absorbed. (Constipation, on the other hand, is when it takes too long for stool to pass through.) Loose stools can be due to many factors, including stomach viruses and food-borne illnesses. They can also result from food allergies or intolerances, like lactose intolerance or other digestive issues.

The Perfect Shape

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A perfect poop is one that has an S shape and does not break into pieces when leaving your body. That’s because you consume enough fiber, which gives it a glue that holds it together. However, logs that are too thin or come out in several small pieces can be a sign of problems.

Every Day We Drop 150 Grams of Poop

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How often do our number two can vary; it can be once a day or several times, depending on your diet. However, your usual amount of feces produced will remain the same. People drop an average of 150 grams of poop a day, which is about 55 kilos a year – that’s totally disgusting but interesting. Now that you know these essential poop facts don’t overlook their shapes, colors, and consistencies! Check your turds from time to time to make sure everything is okay. And one more thing: don’t be ashamed to talk about it. Want to know what your poop color says about your health? Check out the first part of this article here!

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