Why Should You Go for A Social Media Detox?

If today’s pace of life has forced you to be continuously connected to your phones and computers, and want to share anything and everything, then you may need a “digital detox.”

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have become part of the day-to-day and the minute by minute of our lives. There is no doubt about their benefits and their usefulness, but it is also good to look at everything that we have possibly left behind by preferring to spend our free time (and often not so free) to merely scrolling through social networks.

Notifications, groups, emails, messages. We are glued to the screens all the time. Could we survive a few days without them? Being always connected to our phones, computers, and the urge to stay online has become as toxic as addiction. As an “antidote” to this modern addiction, “digital detoxification” has become popular.

What Is Digital Detoxification?

Digital detoxification is a break, a time out, a time to disconnect from your phone, tablet, computer, and social media. It is about refraining from using technological devices connected to the Internet for a defined period. The length of time depends on the period that each person sets and the willingness to accomplish it. One can start with a weekend, advance to a week’s vacation, or extend it to a free month because the idea is not to affect daily life or people’s responsibilities and duties. It is recommended to do this as part of work and study during free time.

Detoxification can be progressive. You can start small with actions such as not posting on social networks for a few days or eating and going to the bathroom without taking your cell phone.

The Detoxification Process

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No matter how much time you spend on social media, it will never hurt to have periods of disconnection from time to time. It can help you remember and encourage activities that keep you genuinely connected with friends and family. You can also benefit from a time of introspection and reflection to put your emotions and ideas together.

There are different techniques and routines to detach yourself from your cell phone and computer. Most of them have to do with specific times and moments where you will disconnect, and in all of them, the most important thing is the discipline and willpower to carry them out. However, other methods are a little more “extreme.” Methods that involve total distancing from social networks – as if it was detoxification, like some sort of rehab. Sometimes it seems that that is what we need: an absolute disconnection for a few days to put your feet back on the ground and rediscover what is truly important: human relationships from person to person.

Can you imagine spending seven days away from all social networks? What would happen, and what changes could you notice? 

Benefits of Digital Detox

Reasons to Do a Digital Detox

Reset Your Priorities: By not having to share everything always, you can focus on the more important stuff…the things you used to do when you weren’t spending all your time ” plugged in ” to your screen.

Take Advantage of Free Time:

  • Ride a bike.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Walk your dogs.

  • Learn to dance.

  • Take swimming lessons,

Or whatever you want! You can invest in some relaxing activity when you usually spend watching series, viral videos, and memes.

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Reduce Stress: Not having to be aware of whether they sent you the email you expected or have so many notifications and unread messages reduce daily stress load.

Enjoy Life: In the desire to share everything, we have stopped enjoying things. Now you can talk with your family, watch a movie with your friends, dance at ease at the party, sing at the concert of your favorite artist without having to be aware of making a video for your Facebook or taking a good photo to share on Instagram.

Can You Live Disconnected?

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Yes, of course, you can! In 2017 Taylor Swift did it! She temporarily deleted all her accounts because she could not stand bullying on social networks, and in 2018 Selena Gomez confessed to Instagram addiction, so she left her networks. Both singers are among the most followed celebrities on Instagram; they have millions of followers. If they could, you can go a few days without your networks, and your friends will survive without your memes.

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