Why Use an Anti-Cellulite Patch

Why Use an Anti-Cellulite Patch (1)



Anti-cellulite patch: what is it?

Indications and contra-indications of anti-cellulite patches

Price of the anti-cellulite patch

Where to buy anti-cellulite patches?

Many anti-cellulite solutions permanently eliminate orange peel skin, including food, sports, anti-cellulite care, anti-cellulite appliances, or certain anti-cellulite products.

However, among the products, here again, you can choose between creams, essential oils, phytotherapy, and finally, the anti-cellulite patch.

Anti-cellulite patch: what is it?

It is less tedious than applying a cream; its effectiveness is much less, especially since it is not accompanied by regular massages (unlike the application of a cream).

Description of the patch for cellulite

The patch comes in the form of an adhesive square stuck on the skin where you have cellulite.

It is discreet: transparent and thin, making it easy to wear under clothes.

However, depending on brands and presentations, opinions are divided on its ease of use. Some minor disadvantages have been noted on some cellulite patches, for example:

    • the fact that it is essential to apply it to clean, well-depilated skin because when the patch is removed, there may be tingling, and the hairs are pulled out, causing some pain;
    • Women who have worn them during the day with pants have found that the patches can quickly come off when they go to the toilet and tend to leave with the pants. In short, it is better to wear a skirt when one wishes to place patches on the thighs during the day.

Principle of the anti-cellulite patch

The anti-cellulite patch diffuses active ingredients very slowly in the body’s parts to be treated. The active ingredients will burn fat locally, stimulate microcirculation, and firm the skin.

The diffusion of the active ingredients is carried out for approximately 8 to 9 hours.

Indications and contra-indications of the anti-cellulite patches


Don’t dream; the anti-cellulite patch will not melt your orange peel skin overnight. However, some of its components have real action on cellulite and can even be dangerous for some subjects.

Anti-cellulite patch: indications

A patch on cellulite is of little use if you keep bad habits: sedentary lifestyle, nibbling between meals, too rich menus, etc… The anti-cellulite patch can be a helpful complement to eliminating cellulite as long as you observe the basic rules for losing cellulite. 

In particular, you should:

    • Observe a balanced diet, low in fat, sugar, and salt.
    • Drink enough water to hydrate its organization and start circulation again.
    • Get enough physical exercise.

Before starting a cure with anti-cellulite patches, you should seek your doctor’s advice. He knows your medical file and will be able to advise you.

Contra-indications of the anti-cellulite patch

Anti-cellulite patches are not for everyone. For instance:

    • Some people may have allergies to the components.
    • Anti-cellulite patches are contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
    • If you have heavy drug treatment, it is not advisable to apply this patch because interactions with drugs are possible. During therapy with an anti-cellulite patch, alcohol can block the active ingredients’ release.

Anti-cellulite patches have different components from one manufacturer to another; ask your doctor for advice if in doubt.

Price of the anti-cellulite patch

The patch is to be used as a cure at one per day. Remember that if you want to treat several areas simultaneously, you will have to apply several of them at a time.

Prices range from $25 to $40 for a box of about fifteen patches, equivalent to 2 weeks of treatment if you only use one patch per day.

Where to buy anti-cellulite patches?

Anti-cellulite patches are available:

    • on specialized websites;
    • in pharmacies and para pharmacies;
    • in cosmetic and beauty stores;
    • in the beauty and para pharmacy departments of supermarkets;

Hope the above helps you out. Next time your friend or doctor talks about anti-cellulite patches, you’ll know what she is talking about.

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