5 Natural Remedies for Itchy Throat

At some point in your life, you are very likely to have experienced an itchy throat, which tends to be one of the first signs of that annoying symptom, in a word, throat inflammation. However, an itchy throat can indeed occur not only as a sign of inflammation but also for other reasons. Possible causes of an itchy throat include talking a lot, dryness of the environment due to air conditioning, irritating drinks or foods, etc.

Very often, natural remedies can be more effective than drugs to help relieve itchy throats. Here are some natural remedies you can use:

1) Garlic and Onions

Both garlic and onions have excellent antiseptic and expectorant properties, making them indispensable foods for a diverse, healthy, and balanced diet, especially during the cold season.

Garlic and onions, in particular, should ideally be eaten raw, even though their taste and smell can be bothersome. This way, the body is supplied with all the nutrients it needs, and the antiseptic and expectorant qualities are not compromised. However, it can also be added to soups and salads.

This soup contains anti-influenza and cold-preventive ingredients that control neutrophil activity and anti-inflammatory properties.

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2) Gargle With Warm Water and Salt

Did you know that gargling with salt and water can help with a sore throat? Gargling with lukewarm water, especially if you have an itch, can help retain moisture and relieve discomfort.

You need a glass of warm water and a tablespoon or two of salt. When finished, suck out the water and gargle for 15-20 seconds to get rid of the water permanently.

3) Licorice

Believe it or not, licorice root is excellent for itchy throats because it helps relieve dryness by acting as a moisturizer. In addition, it exhibits interesting emollient, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are several ways to enjoy this medicinal and therapeutic effect. The easiest is to opt for tablets, capsules, or in the form of an extract (10 drops diluted in a glass of warm water and gargled). You can also make a decoction of this plant or chew the dried roots directly.

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4) Honey & Lemon

Besides garlic and onion, lemon and honey would be indispensable for colds, flu, and sore throats. It is one of the most famous traditional remedies for sore and itchy throats.

To perform this natural remedy, squeeze one lemon and reserve its juice. Warm it slightly, then add a teaspoon of honey and stir well with a wooden spoon.

5) Mustard Paste

Mustard seed powder is one of the best natural remedies and an ancient cure for many ailments. Do you have a sore throat and cough that causes chest pains? Mustard seed paste can significantly reduce symptoms and help you feel better without resorting to complicated medications. Mustard seed has long been known to improve blood flow in the chest and throat area.

To make a mustard powder paste and relieve painful symptoms such as sore throats and chest pains, mix half a teaspoon of mustard seed powder with a tablespoon of flour. Add enough water to make a thick paste. When a good thick paste is formed, spread it on kitchen paper and sandwich it between two clean cotton sheets. It is best to use several sheets of kitchen paper or clean cotton such as tea towels. Apply the paste to the chest and throat, ensuring that the paste does not touch the skin. Continue this for about 15 minutes, until the skin feels warm.

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In addition to these natural remedies, it is recommended to consume lukewarm water with lemon every morning to improve your defenses and take care of your health.

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