Why Is My Stomach Bloated? Causes for Stomach Bloating Other Than “Too Much Gas”

Why Is My Stomach Bloated? Causes for Stomach Bloating Other Than “Too Much Gas”

Are you getting a too-full or too-tight feeling in your belly? Does your stomach look swollen or overshaped?

That’s a health condition called stomach bloating. And, people often connect it to “too much gas” problem. However, experts claim that there are other common different causes of stomach bloating. So, let’s find them out.

Salt Intake

Salt IntakeWe’ve heard it and seen it often on TV: avoid salty foods and opt for a low sodium diet.

Our tongues yearn for that salty taste and our bodies sometimes need it, but the problem is that we always get more than what we need to. Too much salt in a diet can make your body hold on to water, leading to that full feeling you often get in your belly. But, the danger is much higher; a high salt intake can also result in serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

It’s important to know that it’s not just the canned soups, entrees and gravy sauce mixes you should avoid; you should also cut down on fast food. My personal tip to you will be to always check the sodium levels on food labels.

You Eat Too Much

You Eat Too MuchMy father used to be the same. He could load up on a whole chicken and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Food tastes good – sometimes way too good – and it has the “power” to make you feel better, even when you are under some type of emotional stress. And, food has also become a kind of habit because there’s nothing better to do. It’s very easy to lose track of how much you are eating or how much calories you are consuming, especially when you are in front of exquisite delicacies. However, eating more food than your body needs will cause your stomach to expand beyond its normal size and it will look as if your belly is swollen.

When you are going through puberty, it’s common to be hungrier and want more food than you can digest. But, if you are a grown-up and consuming food as if it’s your last day on earth, then it’s high time to stop. And, a starting point would be avoiding all the foods that trigger overeating and which you can’t resist to.

You Eat Too Fast

You Eat Too FastSpeaking again from my dad’s experience, let me tell you that this habit is very bad. My father has been eating too fast without chewing properly for the last 40 years – or maybe more – which was believed by a few doctors to be the main cause of his poor digestive system and the occasional stomach discomfort.

One of the main reasons why some people eat too fast is because they are always in a hurry to address the next thing on their “to do list.” I also know some folks whose jobs, for example, consist only of a 20-30 minute lunch break, so they have to learn to eat fast. If you take people in the military for example, by the time the drill sergeants get up etc., they can only have around 10 little minutes to finish their meal.

This habit also depends on how and where you grew up. For example, my father’s family had more than 5 people and there was not always enough food, so each of them would eat very fast just to satisfy their hunger. This habit continued even when he grew up.

I don’t know the reason for which you built this habit, but remember that the faster you eat, the more you’ll be swallowing air. And, just like bubbly drinks, the air that’ll pass to your intestine can give you a bloated stomach.

Experts say that it takes up to 20 minutes for your stomach to register that it is full and transfer that message to your brain. So, very fast eaters, it’s easy to eat a lot and faster and get your belly uncomfortable before your brain gets the message.




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