7 Reasons to Drink Tea

7 Reasons to Drink Tea

This flavor from China, imported to Europe by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, has already convinced most of us. And the reason is simple: tea has many virtues, beneficial to the body and mind!

There is a large variety of tea, from black to green, including white. Tea is an excellent choice for entertaining festive meals and stimulating you at work in the morning, after lunch, or with a snack. Suitable for the skin, the eyes, the figure, the heart… Here are 7 reasons to drink tea.

Warning: to get all the benefits of tea, it is recommended to choose loose tea or paper bags because a Canadian study indicates that plastic bags release about 15 billion plastic particles per cup!

To look younger: white tea

7 Reasons to Drink Tea

To keep a healthy glow, trust the polyphenols in white tea!

These organic molecules:

    – Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    – Strengthen the skin’s elastin and collagen.

    – Help keep joints intact.

This tea, slightly oxidized, is often quite expensive (100 g for $12 in bulk against $5 for 100 g of black tea).

To protect eye tissue and retina: green tea

7 Reasons to Drink Tea

The eyes can be victims of oxidative stress, like other body parts. This stress results from a normal chemical reaction that produces free radicals, which make the eye less resistant to disease.

A study has shown that green tea strengthens the eye tissue and protects it for a long time.

Good to know: tea defends your retina against UV rays, but this does not exempt you from wearing sunglasses.

To cut (almost) your hunger

A cup of tea and you feel (almost) full! Helpful to compensate for an excess of sugar or alcohol.

In many situations, choose tea:

    – To replace a glass of alcohol (although with cheese, you can make an exception, yes).

    – Instead of coffee in the evening, to avoid being tempted by the second piece of dessert!

    – To replace a sweet snack between meals.

Good to know: be careful, though. A cup of green tea on an empty stomach can make you nauseous!

To help with dieting

Tea remains the best friend of the diet.

    – A cup of tea without sugar represents a zero-calorie dose.

    – Tea suppresses hunger.

    – It helps eliminate toxins.

To strengthen the heart: black tea

7 Reasons to Drink Tea

Tea helps to fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD) and keep a strong heart for many years.

Tea, especially black tea, promotes the elimination of platelets thanks to flavonoids. These flavonoids influence the deficient platelets that cause clots and clog the arteries.

According to an Australian study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, people with high blood pressure should drink three cups of black tea daily. In the long term, this drink would reduce systolic arterial pressure by two to three points.

Be careful: when in contact with the casein in milk, the tea loses its properties, so be careful with your milk!

Improves digestion

Tea, especially green tea, helps to eliminate toxins from the digestive system. It also stimulates the functions of the liver (glucose storage).

Thus, drinking a cup of tea after a meal helps digestion.

To reduce the risk of diabetes: green and black tea

In 2010, Japanese researchers demonstrated that the caffeine contained in the green and black tea helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

Add a few well-chosen plants to help you fight against diabetes: blueberry juice, eucalyptus, garlic, onion, dandelion…

Go ahead, have your tea, and remember to write a few words below.

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