9 Foods That Make You Look Older

9 Foods That Make You Look Older (2)

As you know, your food enemies are everywhere! Where are they hiding? Well, revolutionizing your diet from one day to the next is the best way to fall back into your habits. So choose two or three foods you will reduce your consumption of, and little by little, you will undoubtedly see some beneficial effects on your health! Keeping a balanced diet allows you to stay in shape and especially allows you not to look older than you are… 

1. Coffee

High doses of coffee raise your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. If the heart beats harder than normal, life expectancy decreases. Is this true?

In any case, if coffee does not accelerate aging, like all good things, it should not be abused. In addition, it makes your teeth yellow!

Note: you can alternate with fragrant tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice, syrup…

2. Sweet desserts

Sugar is a food to be consumed in moderation.

Indeed, when our glucose level increases, the body produces insulin. This substance, when secreted in high doses, accelerates aging.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol causes degeneration of the face and heart.

Excessive alcohol consumption (more than two drinks per day) causes internal and external body aging.

After-work drinks, ok; aperitifs, ok, but not every night!

4. Fast food

Fast food menus contain excessive sodium, as do most prepared meals.

Salt significantly alters the body’s biochemistry. Consumption of salt in large quantities contributes to destroying cells and skin tissue. It also leads to water retention and can cause inflammation.

Go easy on the salt shaker when preparing your meals, but banish it completely when you put ready-made trays and other frozen portions on the menu.

Good to know: a diet based on the consumption of ultra-processed foods would considerably increase the risk of developing depressive symptoms (source: Adjibade M, Julia C, Allès B, Touvier M, Lemogne C, Srour B, Hercberg S, Galan P, Assmann KE, Kesse-Guyot E. Prospective association between ultra-processed food consumption and incident depressive symptoms in the French NutriNet-Santé cohort. BMC Med. 2019;17(1):78. doi: 10.1186/s12916-019-1312-y. PMID: 30982472).

5. Hydrogenated fats: butter, oil, grease

Cakes and cookies contain hydrogenated fats that promote the appearance of sebum and accelerate the aging of the skin: wrinkles and pimples are waiting for you if you don’t control your impulse for the brownie…

Fats, in general, contain free radicals that destroy our body cells.

Our defenses decrease, and we are exposed to age-related degenerative diseases (cancer, cataract, etc.).

6. Water contaminated by nitrates

Nitrates in water accelerate skin aging and make you appear older.

The solution:

filter tap water;

buy mineral water that is low in nitrates.

7. Saturated fatty acids: milk, cheese, bacon…

Unlike the so-called “essential” fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, found in cheese and fatty meat, accelerate aging.

They also make us more susceptible to age-related diseases such as cholesterol.

That doesn’t mean you should cut out the cheese platter at family gatherings (besides, it’s the only thing that keeps you at the table that long), but rather than scarfing down that tasty Tomme de Savoie, try a little bit of each, sparingly!

8. Sodas

9 Foods That Make You Look Older (2)

Even diet and calorie-free sodas slowly degrade your appearance. The acidity they contain attacks your tooth enamel day after day, dehydrates you, causes digestion problems, and makes your skin look dull.

Treat yourself to a few cool cans during the summer, but don’t replace water at the table with soda bottles!

9. Aperitif cakes

Do appetizer treats seem harmless to you? Think again! They can do you a lot of harm!

Like ready-made meals and fast food, these foods contain a large amount of salt. The sodium directly attacks the skin’s natural collagen, forming unsightly wrinkles around your eyes.

For an appetizer, it would be better to choose dried fruit instead, 

and seeds without salt.

To avoid aging, you must remain reasonable. Eating a balanced diet, neither salty, sweet, nor spicy, preserves the body and the skin from the first signs of aging.


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