New Year 2023: 3 Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy Life

New Year 2023: 3 Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy Life

I failed to keep my last year’s resolution to lose weight, what should I do now?

I failed to keep my last year’s resolution to eat healthily, what to do?

I failed to keep my last year’s resolution to stop smoking, what do I do?

Hey guys, you should not worry about that!

It’s perfectly normal to fail in life, especially when the goals that we set for ourselves are too high.

Year after year, people set seemingly high health resolutions. “This year I will lose 100 pounds. This year I will stop drinking. This year I will join a gym. This year I will eat only plant-based meals.”

The goal is simple: You want to improve your health and happiness. But, are you really setting yourself up to succeed? Or, are you pursuing unrealistic goals?

When you set unrealistic or too high goals, there’ll be a point when you realize that you won’t be able to achieve them, which will result in negative emotions like disappointment and frustration.

So, the first thing you should do is stop feeling like a failure and feeling bad for yourself. The second thing that you should do is to stop setting unrealistic health goals.

We are traditionally brought to make changes in our lives when the New Year is approaching. In this case, if you want to live healthily and happily and reach your yearly goals, here are some small changes and/or habits you may want to incorporate into your daily life.

Love Yourself

Love YourselfOne of the most common New Year’s resolutions includes losing weight and it is an undeniable fact that our society has become obsessed with weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, weight loss can be rewarding and, of course, bring many positive health benefits. However, it is important to accept yourself as you are and remember that no matter your size or weight, you are worthy of love.

Loving yourself can be very difficult, especially when you have experienced traumas or hardships in your life, when you have a negative mindset of yourself or when you have been bullied for your appearance. But, losing weight isn’t going to set you free from that burden or make you love yourself more. Taking care of yourself and treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would show to a friend is as important for your mental and emotional well-being as losing weight.

Read More

Read MoreReading books can give you a wider aspect of everything. It occupies your mind and makes you feel good. Reading on a daily basis can make you more creative and imaginative and you will also come to know new things which you didn’t experience in your life.

Although not everyone is a bookworm, you can still look for a decent alternative. My suggestion, for example, would be Quora. Quora seems to be excellent for relevant, short-form and timely content. Some of the people I follow are really good with their answers and as a blog writer, I’ll say that my English and writing improved by leaps and bounds just by reading a few of their responses. And, if you have more free time, you can move on to Wattpad.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Create a Cleaning ScheduleStaying fit is not the only key to good health and happiness. Good hygiene is equally important because it resists bacteria that can harm our health. Bacteria can thrive and reproduce rapidly in dirty and cluttered places. Hence, it is critical to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. For instance, ignoring and leaving uncleaned dishes for a week can cause food poisoning and not cleaning your mattress, carpet and upholstery material is enough to make your entire family sick.



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