9 Ways To Boost Your Oxytocin Level

Can you feel happier in just a few minutes? Add boosting oxytocin to your list of resolutions. Instant happiness guaranteed! Not only does oxytocin make us very happy, but it is healthy to consume this hormone daily. How can we secrete more oxytocin? Here are some tips for increasing oxytocin.

Oxytocin, also called the love hormone, makes us more sociable. This hormone is mainly secreted during social interactions. When interacting with others, this hormone makes us trust and feel a part of them. This hormone is so vital t hat January 21 has been designated World Hug Day.

Oxytocin As a Drug

Oxytocin is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is a gland in the brain and doctors use this hormone to induce childbirth. The hormone induces contractions. It also activates the mammary glands for lactation and prevents excessive postpartum bleeding. However, pregnant women are not the only ones who benefit from oxytocin.

In the right amounts, this hormone can give us peace of mind. Oxytocin also helps prevent memory loss and dementia. Research on this has just started. Oxytocin is the counterpart of the stress hormone cortisol. Therefore, it is beneficial in preventing these unexpected stress disorders. It calms hormones. This is why it is often used in the medical field. So, oxytocin is very welcome.

Ways To Elevate Oxytocin Levels

Cuddling: oxytocin is not only secreted during sex or cuddling with a partner. Hugging friends, family members, and even people you are not very close to can also increase oxytocin levels.

Laughter: did we tell you that laughter is super healthy? Laughing a lot has many health benefits. Laughter not only reduces stress but also improves stamina.

Interact with animals: physical contact increases oxytocin levels, and petting your pet is part of this process! Your four-legged friend will appreciate it too, so you’re killing two birds with one stone. Don’t have an animal? Go to the zoo or ask to walk the neighborhood dog.

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Ask for and receive praise: No more excuses for lack of oxytocin. This hormone can be secreted even without physical contact. Unfortunately, we are not very susceptible to praise. If that is the case, we should praise more. If we are not too frugal and the person is sincere, there is nothing absurd about it.

Listening: In many conversations, you listen to the other person to respond to what they say. It is better to try and listen in a way that the other person can understand without being distracted by the environment or the phone call. The connection that is created will ensure the release of oxytocin.

Music: Put on your favorite song, and you will instantly feel happy. In addition to oxytocin, music also releases dopamine. Think about your ears when you get earplugs. Wearing earplugs may not be as harmless as we think. Producing a double boost of oxytocin? Listen to music together. Don’t hold back on dancing or singing together.

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Massage: for the same reason that hugs stimulate oxytocin, massage also stimulates oxytocin. After all, physical contact is essential. Pamper yourself by booking a massage or learn how to massage yourself.

Create Good Relationships: Oxytocin, which the pituitary gland releases, gives us feelings of trust and empathy. Positive interpersonal interactions can raise this chemical messenger. Hence, the love hormone is increased by simple bonding activities like conversing with a buddy, drinking coffee with a coworker, or singing in the car with your kids.

Cultivate a “Zen” state of mind: The stress response is a biological process that keeps us alert and vital. Unmanaged stress can increase cortisol and inhibit oxytocin secretion. In other words, it is essential to manage stress to promote the secretion of the love hormone. Furthermore, this neuropeptide can make you feel relaxed. So, take every opportunity to pet your pooch, hug a friend, or hold hands with your sweetheart.

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