Erectile Dysfunction and Mental Disorders


    – Mental disorders: the leading cause of erectile dysfunction

    – Stress, depression, fatigue: the enemies of sexuality

    – Erectile dysfunction: the couple’s balance is crucial

    – Psychological disorders: talking to cure erectile dysfunction

Male sexual problems concern erection, ejaculation, and sexual desire. They affect the entire population.

Erectile dysfunction has several causes, such as hormonal diseases or smoking, and alcohol consumption.

But the primary cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological. Discussion within the couple or with a doctor often improves the situation.

Psychological disorders: the primary cause of erectile dysfunction

All types of erectile dysfunction can have a psychological origin, except for priapism, which is a serious mechanical problem.

Psychological, psychological, or psychosomatic problems are the leading cause of sexual problems in men and women. In cases of low libido and premature ejaculation, psychological problems are even the only possible cause.

Stress, depression, fatigue: the enemies of sexuality

The psychological problems that cause the most erectile dysfunction are those of everyday life. Stress at work, daily or seasonal depression, intense fatigue, anxiety during exam periods, medical or family worries are the enemies of a fulfilled sexuality.

A one-off emotional shock or unexpected grief can also cause erectile dysfunction: sexual breakdown, impotence, anorgasmia, anejaculation, secondary premature ejaculation, and above all, a drop in libido.

Sexual desire is indeed the first victim of daily stress. The man, tired by the long and sometimes anxiety-provoking days, loses all sexual appetite during the week. However, libido often increases during the weekend and holidays.

Erectile dysfunction: the couple’s balance is crucial

Apart from professional or health problems, the state of the couple’s relationship has a significant influence on the mind. A well-functioning couple leads to well-balanced sex life.

In many cases, erectile dysfunction has its origins in the marital relationship itself. Sexual breakdown, anorgasmia, and anejaculation, premature ejaculation, and, of course, a drop in libido are often caused by:

    – an argument in the couple: the desire is extinguished until the problem is resolved;

    – the arrival of a child: the woman is no longer seen as a lover, but as a mother, desire, erection, or ejaculation are delayed;

    – the vision of the partner: the man finds her less beautiful, for physical or psychological reasons, and does not desire her as much;

    – embarrassment, fear of failure: a man who has already been a victim of premature ejaculation, for example, is anxious about the idea of it happening again. He may even experience a sexual breakdown;

    – Inexperience: premature ejaculation is common among inexperienced men. A mixture of embarrassment, anxiety, and excitement can lead to uncontrolled ejaculation;

    – Rejection by the partner: the man who is rejected too often may doubt his masculinity and the love of his partner.

    – etc.

Psychological disorders: talking to cure erectile dysfunction

Whatever the psychological origin of erectile dysfunction, the solution lies in dialogue. Either within the couple itself or with the help of a doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist. The couple can also consider starting sex therapy to solve their problems.

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