Focus On Complementary Health Care For A Young Unemployed Person


Subscribing to complementary health insurance is compulsory for an employee of the private sector or of an association. Complementary health insurance is optional for young students, workers, and job seekers. However, it is still recommended to obtain a reimbursement in case of illness. Find out what you need to know about complementary health insurance for young unemployed people.

Which complementary health insurance for an unemployed person?


Have you just graduated from school? Many young people under 25 have difficulty finding a health insurance plan adapted to their situation. In addition, rights and obligations change depending on the circumstances, so the choices are limited. As a young person seeking employment, you are required to be affiliated with the general health insurance plan. You can apply for state subsidies such as the CMU-C from the age of 25.

The complementary universal health coverage and the complementary health payment aid allow you to reduce your health costs. A young person, having completed his or her higher education, also has the possibility to maintain his or her rights to student social security throughout the year. Moreover, some insurance companies offer complementary health insurance that is suitable for unemployed people. The insured benefit from a classic insurance guarantee with an adjusted price.

Why is it beneficial to have mutual health insurance when unemployed?

Health insurance is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended due to the high health costs. A day of hospitalization costs about 2,000 dollars, so you have to pay the complementary part out of your pocket. It is a bad idea to rely on social security reimbursement. Indeed, the latter reimburses only 30 dollars and some dust for a frame and a lens which can rise to 450 dollars. You will have to use your credit card if you don’t have a mutual insurance company.

What health insurance coverage does an unemployed young person get?

By subscribing to complementary health insurance, you benefit from the following four guarantees:

    • Hospitalization: with this guarantee, you will be reimbursed for the extra fees charged by doctors, the daily hospital fee, or the various examinations performed. A private room, the assistance of one of your relatives, and other options are included in this benefit.
    • Routine care: this benefit reimburses you for consultations with general practitioners and specialists, various medical examinations, etc.
    • Dental care: you will be reimbursed for orthodontics, scaling, crowns, and cavity treatment.
    • Optical care: this benefit includes reimbursement for glasses, contact lenses, and sometimes eye surgery.

Be aware that the reimbursements of complementary health insurance are expressed as a percentage or as an annual package.

How to find mutual health insurance for a job seeker?


To find health insurance for a young unemployed person, you need to take stock of your needs. You should always look for a complementary health insurance plan that offers a good guarantee-price ratio. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Are you attached to the health contract of one of your parents? If yes, you have the opportunity to stay on their mutual insurance. Just check the conditions of the insurance formula to ensure your protection.
    • Are you the only one covered? If you want to cover your partner or child, it’s best to choose a family mutual.
    • Do you have specific needs? If someone in your family has specific health needs, such as contact lenses or braces, you should not overlook them.

Since the level of reimbursement is flexible, always analyze the reimbursement levels for each plan offered. Then check if the plan offers the right coverage for your needs.

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