Sugar And Its Alternatives


To start the day with plenty of energy, the consumption of sugar in the diet has become essential for many of us. Seemingly responsible for many diseases, this food component must be consumed in moderation to ensure longevity. To better convince you to balance its consumption, it is essential to know its dangers and alternatives to compensate for the glucose intake in our body. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone ought to know about sugar alternatives.

The harmful consequences of excess sugar consumption


1. Obesity

Obesity is caused by the excess of calories in the body. This can be caused by excess bad fats but also by the high consumption of refined sugar, which is present in pastry, pasta, candy, sodas, etc. Refined or industrial sugar is very high in calories but has little nutritional value. Thus, when a person does not practice sports regularly, he or she is at risk of storing calories, which promotes obesity.

2. Diabetes

Insulin, a natural hormone, has the task of regulating the concentration of glucose in the blood. Sugar triggers the onset of diabetes in obese people. Indeed, on the one hand, because of the infiltration of fat, the pancreas, an organ that produces insulin, can no longer secrete a sufficient number of insulins in the body.

On the other hand, after each meal, the glucose content increases and accumulates in the blood. Thus, due to the absence of a balancing system, the blood glucose level can reach over 1.26g per liter of blood, which causes type 2 diabetes in adults. The symptoms of this disease are polyuria or the need to urinate all the time, polydipsia, or intense thirst and hunger.

3. Cardiovascular disease and reduced life expectancy


In addition to diabetes, complications can arise that affect the heart, a major organ in the functioning of the body. Thus, people with diabetes are more exposed to cardiovascular disorders. Indeed, the sugar concentration in the blood can irritate the blood vessels, which causes cholesterol to penetrate the inner wall of the heart muscles. Over time, these blood vessels become clogged, causing the arteries, the vessels that supply oxygen to the heart muscles, to deteriorate. Thus, an obese person may suffer a heart attack, which may jeopardize his or her longevity.

Alternatives to white sugar

As a reminder, sugar is necessary for glucose intake. The latter provides energy to the body, which requires regular consumption. Moreover, giving an appetizing taste and used as a preservative for food products, sugar is indispensable in food. It can come in different forms, such as refined sugar or white sugar, which is the main source of diseases hidden behind industrial products, unrefined sugar, and honey. There are also natural sugars in vegetables and fruits, coconut sugar, sweeteners, and agave syrup. Choose natural sugars to have a healthy diet with a very appetizing sweet taste.

Country honey

Known for its multiple virtues, honey is recommended to replace white sugar. It is composed of several nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, vitamins B and C, etc. In addition, it has antioxidant properties and is used in the preventive treatment of cancerous diseases. For those who love sweets, you should know that honey contains a high glucose and fructose content, giving it a sweeter taste than white sugar.

So a small amount of honey can be enough to sweeten your dish. This allows you to balance the blood sugar level in your body. Also, this food product is a beauty ally for those who want to keep their figure and maintain their body. To better enjoy the benefits of honey, choose country honey or homemade honey rather than industrial honeys.

Rapadura sugar


Unrefined sugar is cane sugar that has not undergone industrial processing such as refining or purification. This process removes all essential nutrients from the cane plant, such as minerals and vitamins. This type of unrefined sugar has a reddish hue and is fragrant. It is also rich in amino acids. Moreover, extracted from sugar cane juice, it has a very strong sweetness, which reduces its dosage in the diet and balances the glycemia level in the body. Also, its regular consumption does not cause cellulite.

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