How to Recognize Good Caviar?

Caviar, a name that immediately brings to mind the prestige and luxury it is associated with. Caviar is a rare and exceptional product subject to impressive quality criteria. However, although we cannot speak of popularization, caviar is becoming more and more accessible to the general public. This is mainly due to the production of caviar of questionable quality. Thanks to this post, learn to distinguish the good from the not-so-good.

The Container

Caviar is usually sold by the kilo or in sealed tins or glass jars. It is best to buy caviar by the kilo. If you choose to buy a glass jar, you can at least see the product, but if you purchase a can, you will never know what is really inside. Plus, the producer may mislead you by increasing the weight of the can. Canned caviar usually contains a lot of salt and preservatives.

If you decide to treat yourself to caviar, be especially careful. It is risky to embark on such an expensive culinary adventure if you have never seen it before. And secondly, it is generally illegal to sell caviar to individuals by kilo. It is therefore recommended to buy from a trusted seller.

The Appearance of Caviar

Caviar eggs should not be cracked. As for their size, it should be varied and not regular. If all the eggs are the same size, something is wrong. It is also questionable if there is a lot of juice between the eggs or if they look cloudy.

The eggs should also have a small dark spot. If they don’t, you’re probably looking at a counterfeit product.

A Neutral Smell

Real caviar should have a neutral smell, not a roach smell. It should taste great and melt quickly in the mouth.

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The Colors of Caviar

In most cases, you will find three types of salmon caviar: Pacific salmon, pink salmon, and sockeye salmon. Pacific salmon has large orange eggs interspersed with red and a delicate flavor. Pink salmon has medium-sized roe with a bright orange color and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Sockeye has small dark red eggs with a strong odor and bitter aftertaste. It is hard to say which is better, but most people prefer pink salmon caviar.

Lucky are the few who have eaten real black caviar. The most expensive black caviar, from beluga, varies from a slightly dark gray to a dense black. The brighter this caviar is, the higher its price. Kaluga caviar can be dark gray, dark brown, or black. Sturgeon caviar has a yellow-brown or bronze hue.

How to Taste Caviar?

The classic way to eat caviar is with toast. It is also common to put it in small sandwiches with white bread and butter. Another way, especially used for New Year’s Eve, is to use eggs stuffed with caviar. In the French tradition, caviar is also served with blinis or as an aperitif with a glass of wine. You can also add caviar to a salad or sauce or use it to decorate a hot dish. If the quantity allows it, it doesn’t hurt to eat it once a year with a spoon.

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