Popular Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Popular Plastic Surgery for Men


– Cosmetic surgery for men: in brief

– Cosmetic surgery for men par excellence: treating baldness

– Cosmetic surgery of the face for men

– Cosmetic surgery of the male figure

– Cosmetic surgery of the intimate area for men

Even if many aspects are common to both sexes, such as facelifts or Botox, men have a whole range of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for men: in brief

In 15 years, men have turned to cosmetic surgery and consider it a real solution to their minor physical defects… Today, the proportion of requests for cosmetic surgery is equivalent to 1 man for 4 women. Twenty years ago, the ratio was 1 man for 15 women!

The cosmetic surgery procedures most requested by men are:

– treatment of baldness (alopecia);

– Facial cosmetic surgery and medicine:

◦ eyelids and bags under the eyes;

◦ protruding ears;

◦ rhinoplasty to reshape the nose;

◦ rejuvenation (facelift, injections, implants);

– cosmetic surgery and medicine of the silhouette;

◦ liposuction;

◦ scar revision;

◦ pectoral implants and abdominoplasty;

◦ breast volume reduction;

◦ intimate surgery.

Men’s cosmetic surgery par excellence: treating baldness

Popular Plastic Surgery for Men

Alopecia, hair loss, is often of hereditary origin and affects men more than women. It occurs between 20 and 30 and is of more significant concern to men between 35 and 45.

Before any transplant surgery, the patient’s hair loss must be stabilized through medical treatment.

Hair transplantation is the ultimate solution. Transplants are painless and performed under local anesthesia. The procedure can last from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. The operation does not require an overnight stay. One can resume professional activity immediately.

There are different techniques to “recover” hair:

– micrografting;

– flap grafting

– Tonsure reduction;

– hair implant.

Hair micrografting: the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery for men

The surgeon takes a strip of hair roots and follicles from the donor area of the scalp. He cuts it into small pieces, each containing 1 to 2 hairs (micrograft) or 3 to 4 hairs (mini grafts). These roots are then inserted into small cells created in the area to be grafted.

In one session, the surgeon will implant about a hundred grafts. It is, therefore, necessary to count approximately 5 sessions for a satisfactory result. The hair will grow back without any problem on the area where the strip was taken…

The flap method: immediate results

This technique is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon takes a strip of hair from the donor area (often at the back of the head) and places it on the bald spot. He sutures this flap, which gives an immediate result.

You can resume professional activity after a few days.

Tonsure reduction: the most straightforward technique

Under local anesthesia, the surgeon removes two parts of the scalp and then sutures them to cover the bald area.

The hair implant: for good aesthetic results

This is a prosthesis of natural or synthetic hair implanted on a net that will be fixed on the bald area.

Cosmetic surgery of the face for men

Men are increasingly concerned about their image, both their figure and their face.

Blepharoplasty: a facelift for the eyes

Blepharoplasty corrects sagging eyelids. It removes excess skin from the eyelids and any fatty pockets in the upper and lower eyelids.

This procedure is frequently performed on men between 30 and 50.

Otoplasty: protruding ears

Otoplasty is performed from the age of 8. It allows the patient’s ears to be reattached and sometimes re-curved. It is a trendy type of cosmetic surgery for men.

The aftermath of the procedure can be painful, especially for adults.

Cosmetic surgery for men and rhinoplasty

It is preferable to wait until the end of growth to consider changing the shape of the nose, around 17 years old.

The patient’s decision must be well thought out. During the medical visit that precedes a rhinoplasty, the surgeon will analyze the patient’s motivations. He will remind him of the principles of this operation and the risks of loss of identity-related to the change of nose.

Genioplasty for men

When the chin is too protruding or receding, it is possible to undergo cosmetic surgery, genioplasty, to harmonize the chin with the whole face.

Rejuvenation in men

Popular Plastic Surgery for Men

Rejuvenation is increasingly sought after by men over the age of 50. The cervicofacial lift is the most commonly used procedure for men.

In addition to facelifts, men also use other rejuvenation techniques in the same way as women, including

– injections:

◦ botox;

◦ hyaluronic acid;

◦ collagen;

– implants:

◦ facial lipo structure;

◦ anti-wrinkle implants.

In addition, in case of spots on the skin or old tattoos that need to be removed.

Finally, to treat scars that are very visible and improve their appearance, he also calls on cosmetic surgery for scar removal.

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