Reset Your Body: Top Five Tips For Detoxing The Body.


After a weekend of binge eating and drinking, we all need a good detox far from the spicy chicken wings, pizza, and multiple bottles of wine. You may want to detox by trying out one of those ‘miracle’ detox teas sold on Instagram, but please don’t. These hack tea manufacturers are here only to make money, and their products act as a laxative and can make you sick. Do not believe everything you see on the internet; sipping cayenne pepper for hours will only leave you with an upset stomach. This article will give you completely safe methods to detox your body without messing up your digestive system.

After Binge Eating

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Binge Eating

Many of us may feel ashamed and guilty after a weekend of binge-eating, and everything that comes to our mind is to seriously diminish the number of calories consumed. You end up starving yourself, which can cause acid reflux.

You must not go from one end to the complete opposite drastically as your body won’t understand what is happening. You must adopt small changes, over a period of two to three days slowly…


WATER is the most important element when detoxifying the body. This is your time to go on hydration mode, and remember you cannot really overdose on water. I suggest you go for water infused with lemon juice or apple vinegar, which will help you if you have consumed too much sodium.

As soon as you wake up, drink one whole glass of water with three to five tablespoons of lemon juice. It will give your body a little boost and help it to flush out all toxins.


I know that you might not be in the mood for sports, but believe me, it will help you. I do not expect you to run a whole marathon, but some stretching and light exercises at home is all you need is to sweat a little bit.

You may want to add a little bit of yoga; you will get rid of your toxins through your pores and give you a boost of energy.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Detoxing is not about eating less; it is about eating clean. You cannot skip breakfast; even if you are not in the mood or hung-over, these are not reasons to skip breakfast. I suggest you eat a big breakfast, add protein such as eggs, and food containing probiotics such a yogurt; you can also take them in supplement form.

The probiotic will help you restore the balance of your body; which could have been thrown off after overindulging in food and drink at a party.

Eat A Lot Of Fibers

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After a long weekend of good eating, your stomach will growl as soon as you deprive it of the minimum of food, so you will have to continue on the same track as you did the weekend in order to keep you full, except you will fill yourself up with fiber.

Eat as many fruits and veggies as you want, as they are high in fiber. You may want to try oats too, and you can try an overnight recipe, there are tasty as well as nutritious.


During the day, adopt these tips mentioned above, but all of these will be null if you do not get a good night of sleep. Do not get any more alcohol to reward yourself for this big detox day; some sleep will end the day in a finer way.

You will need a good seven to eight hours of sleep to recover.

Let us know in the comments if these tips mentioned above have worked for you…

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