The Most Common Foot Problems. 


Most of us are on our feet for a good chunk of the day, and we don’t take enough care of them. We take our feet for granted, and most of us usually aren’t that concerned if we have aching feet or even blisters. However, your podiatrist will tell you that you should take care of your feet as much as you take care of your body. Healthy feet are a reflection of a healthy body. Your feet are at the mercy of regular wear and tear from all the walking, jumping, climbing and running they do. This causes feet to be in danger of an array of problems and you should probably know about them.

What is a podiatrist?


Feet are made up of 26 bones and are one of the most complex parts of the human body, and this is why there are people who specialize in their study and treatment, and they are known as podiatrists. They are usually specialists in foot and ankle injuries, perform foot and ingrown toenail surgery, and treat diabetic foot and wound care, among other forms of foot care. If something is wrong with your foot or you are diabetic, you are advised to visit your local podiatrist at least once a year or monthly in extreme cases. They also groom your feet, get rid of any tough skin or foot warts, and can groom your toenails perfectly and this is mainly recommended for diabetic patients as they need to be very careful about their foot. Usually, when you visit your podiatrist, they suggest you bring the pair of shoes that you wear the most to assess your shoe game, which will help them recommend the shoe that will best fit the needs of your feet.

List of the 5 most common foot problems.

1. Bunions


This is caused by your footwear being too tight or narrow. Bunions usually develop on the joint of the large toe and cause a dump to develop there and may cause the big toe to turn slightly inward. Women are more likely to have bunions because the structure of their footwear that is tighter and creates more pressure around the big toe. Some risk factors that may increase your chances of getting bunions are family history, polio and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Ingrown toenails


It seems that narrow and tight shoes are the plague of feet and foot-related issues. Pressure from the shoe at the top of them being too tight can put extra strain on your toes. One’s family history and trauma to the feet due to activities like running or not trimming your nails properly are other factors that can lead to ingrown toenails.

3. Plantar Fasciitis


According to doctors and podiatrists, this is the most common cause of heel pain. This is because the plantar fascia, found at the bottom of your feet, is responsible for supporting your body. Over time, they become inflamed and cause pain or slight irritations. Doctors have found no clear cause for this inflammatory condition yet. Still, risk factors are practicing an activity that repetitively stresses the heel like running, or obesity, tight calf muscle and high arch.

4. Athlete’s foot


This highly infectious foot fungus usually infects the skin between one’s toes. One is most exposed to it in warm and damp areas like showers, pools or even gym showers (thus giving the fungus its name) where people usually walk barefoot. The fungus then spreads around faster when you wear your shoes, especially if they are hot and damped. This fungus is explained earlier, is highly contagious and doesn’t affect just your feet but can spread to other areas of your body like your scalp, groin, and hands.

5. Blisters


This is a common occurrence that most of us will experience at least once in our life. People with sweaty feet are more likely to develop blisters than others, and they often appear after you’ve ran or walked for a long time. This may also be worsened if you wear ill-fitting shoes as they allow sweat to build up quicker. Blisters are raised fluid-filled pockets that are not very serious issues most of the time. We don’t recommend you to burst them even if it seems like the best thing to do. You should instead let them heal naturally and apply bandages to the problem area to provide it with relief.

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