Scalp Massage: Effects, Preparation and Tools

A massage is a form of manual therapy in which technical movements are applied to the human body. The effects of massage can vary from relaxation to pain relief for problems such as muscle pain. These effects depend on the massage technique used, how the massage is performed and where the massage is performed on the body.

There are different types of massages. Each of the various massage techniques has a different effect, the common denominator being a soothing sensation. For example, massages are offered for relaxation with beauty treatments. For specific health problems, a physiotherapist is recommended and they may use massage to achieve better mobility or pain relief.

An example of a massage that does not require a physiotherapist is a scalp massage. More and more hair salons are offering scalp massage during or after hair washing. You can also have a scalp massage performed yourself or by someone you know.

What Are the Possible Effects of a Scalp Massage?

-Scalp massage can be relaxing.

-Scalp massages can affect the condition of your hair. If the massage is done correctly and daily, hair growth can be stimulated by increased blood flow. However, we should not have excessive expectations from this. To achieve a noticeable effect, the scalp should be massaged every day for a prolonged period.

-Moisture exchange between the tissues can be initiated by massage. This can lead to a better supply of nutrients from the blood and better removal of waste substances.

-Dead epidermal cells are released and removed during the scalp massage.

-It is also known that when the temperature rises, the amount of sebum produced on the scalp increases. A 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature increases the amount of sebum by 10%! Sweating also plays a role here. If you have oily hair and want to reduce this, it is better not to use steam.

-Hair transplants are sometimes more successful if the scalp is massaged regularly for a few weeks before the procedure to make it better blooded and smoother.

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The Effects of Scalp Massage Depends on Factors Such As:

-The nature of the massage

-The duration of the massage

-The direction of the massage

-The intensity of the massage

-Individual skin reaction

-Degree of relaxation of the person being massaged

Scalp Massage Preparation

The scalp massage can be performed on wet hair (e.g. when washing) or on dry hair. Hand massage gives the best results because the scalp is more visible. Many people find skin-to-skin contact very pleasant. The golden rule of massage is: do not scratch or scrub but gently press.

There are also aids such as massage brushes, and the environment in which the person being massaged feels comfortable can enhance the soothing sensation.

Before the massage begins, the hair is combed or brushed. This does not need to be done for a long time. The classic advice of 100 strokes a day is therefore not suitable. By combing or brushing, tangles are removed, and the massage can proceed more smoothly. In addition, impurities are released from the hair and scalp. Some people already see combing their hair as a relaxing activity.

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In addition to massaging with the hands, several aids can be used.

Special massage oils for hair: Many massage oils are attributed to healing properties. However, there is no scientific evidence for this. The oils are known to be suitable for the condition of the hair. It has approximately the same effect as the sebum coming out of the hair follicle. The hair becomes smoother and more resistant.

Steam: It allows some of the oil ingredients to penetrate deeper into the hair. But beware! The steam source should not be too close to the hair and scalp as the heat can damage it.

Massage brushes: The vibrating movements of the brush make the scalp massage less tiring for the hands.

Setting: The soothing sensation of a scalp massage can be enhanced by sitting in a massage chair or bubble bath. However, a scalp massage can also be a pleasant experience in a regular bath.

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